Employee Tracking Apps: Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know

Employee Tracking Apps

The technological advancement of the modern world has had a significant impact on the lives of the people. The changes can be evidently seen in almost every sphere of life.

One such innovative advancement of technology is the change in the way the offices mark the attendance of the employees with The Employee Tracking App.

The sales management department of the companies has a hard time trying to track their employees working as sales representatives.

Companies are now using field employee tracking apps, which help them to keep track of their employees who are working on the field. These apps provide the companies with detailed information regarding the whereabouts of the employees.

You can not only know the duration of the time worked by the employees, but also keep an eye on the real-time location of the employee. This article discusses in detail the various benefits of field employee tracking apps.

Advantages of Field Employee Tracking Apps

Stated below are some of the advantages of using field employee tracking apps:

#1. Applications Help to Slash Down the Wastage of Time

If you have hired a full-time employee and he has been wasting his in-between working hours doing other activities, then he is being paid more than he should be paid.

A field employee tracking app helps to eliminate this problem. With this application, you can track the duration for which the employee has paid his service and pay him the exact amount. 

#2. The Application will Help You Analyze the Performance of an Employee

When you track an individual employee using the field employee tracking app, you will be able to assess the performance of each and every employee individually.

This will help you to recognize the low performers and the best performers. This will help you to make many important decisions and manage a team accordingly.

#3. Application Provide Security

When you get the exact location of the employees working on the field, you can work on improving the safety of the working atmosphere.

#4. Apps Make Attendance Management Easy

With the help of these apps, companies can not only accomplish the task of tracking their on-field employees but also manage attendance with great ease. An individual can use these applications to mark their attendance from almost any location. 

#5. Getting Detailed Reports is Now Easy

Initially, getting a detailed report about employees used to be an irksome task. However, with a field employee tracking app, the companies can get the detailed information regarding the whereabouts of the employees, the duration of duty served by them, the amount of work done by them, and so, all of which are just a click away. 

Disadvantages Of Using Employee Tracking Apps

However, implementation of this system of monitoring can lead to a number of misconceptions in the minds of the employees, some of which are as follows: 

#1. Lack of Trust

As soon as the work time of the employees starts getting tracked, a common question arises in their mind- is it because their bosses don’t trust them? This perceived lack of trust can affect the performance of the employees!

#2. The Intrusion of Privacy

Employees often fail to understand the real motive behind the implementation of employee tracking systems. They often harbour the misconception that the main aim of the app might be to spy on the personal activities of the employees, their personal conversations, their social media activities, and their activities during the break time.

This stands as a major concern for those employees who use their computers even beyond office hours. All these things can, in turn, leave a negative impact on the performance of the employees.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that the employees are thoroughly well-taught and informed about the real motive behind implementing the field employee tracking application.

Hope this gives you a thorough idea about the different aspects of the field employee tracking app. Ever since they have come into use, these applications have reduced manual labour and have made tasks extremely easy and error-free.

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