5 Fashion Hacks For Women You Must Know

Fashion Hacks For Women

I’m pretty excited to be writing this article since I too am a big DIY girl. I believe that the solution to most problems regarding clothes can be found at home. So, here i am going to share best 5 Fashion Hacks For Women.

Let’s be honest, that’s just a sort of nice way of saying that I’m a pretty big cheapskate. But kidding aside, if you are in a bit of pinch or in a rush, the following “fashion hacks” will help you out.

I find that there are so many hacks nowadays, even lifestyle news and blogs discuss these extensively, I think that compartmentalizing them into 5 categories would make this list more helpful. So let’s begin.

Fashion Hacks For Women

#1. Stains

Remove deodorant stains (stains you get when wearing a t-shirt and such shirt hits your deodorant) by rubbing the stain unto your denim jeans.

Another notorious stain are red wine stains. Not to worry, ask for a glass of white wine and rub it onto red wine stain. The stain is gone!

For oil stains (these can apply to both clothing and bags) just leave baby powder on the affected area overnight and it will be gone in the morning.

#2. Wrinkles

Of course, the quickest way to remove wrinkles is still to iron your clothes but here are a couple of hacks that can do the trick without an iron.

First, close all the windows and the door to your bathroom. Run a hot shower and hang your clothing in any area where the shower won’t hit it. Leave it there for 10 minutes and the wrinkles will be gone.

Another great way to remove wrinkles would be to use a damp towel. All you have to do is to lay your wrinkled clothing flat unto a level surface then put a damp towel over it.

You then use your hands to smooth out the wrinkled garment. For smaller wrinkles, you can use your trusty hair dryer, you can also use it for wrinkly shirt collars.

#3. Shoes

Your shoes are probably the most vulnerable item in your closet when it comes to dirt and stains. To remove dirt stains from suede shoes, just use a nail buff on the area then dust it off and it’s gone.

You can also use stale bread crust for this. To revive your old and tired looking leather shoes, use your daily moisturizer, wipe it on and watch it come to life.

Another tip for leather shoes, remove water stains by mixing vinegar and cold water and spraying the mixture unto the stain.

Lastly, to keep your white canvass sneakers clean, use baking soda, detergent and water. Remember to never use bleach as this will ruin your canvass sneakers, trust me, I learned this the hard way.

#4. Bra Hacks

Ever had the wire of your bra come out? Well just use a band-aid to stop it from poking out while you are using it. For those that are little bit flat chested and are using a strapless bra, connect a single strap to the bra in such a way that the strap is lying horizontally below your bra.

This ensures that your bra will not fall down while you are using it. Also, I advise you to buy an adhesive bra (it is also commonly known as a sticky bra) since it is great for when you are wearing a backless dress or even when you are wearing a dress or top that is really low on the side of your armpits.

#5. The perfect Fit

Is the lane to the fitting room too long? Or maybe you just don’t have the time or the patience to fit jeans. A great way to measure jeans is to loop the waist part of your jeans around your neck. If it fits your neck, then it will most probably fit you too.

When trying on bras, a great way to know whether or not a bra is too tight is to stick at least 2 fingers up the band. If you get uncomfortable, this means that the bra is not the right fit for you. These tricks will get you through any stain or shoe mishap.

I’m pretty sure these have saved me a couple of times. Hopefully you have learned a couple of new fashion hacks in this article.

I personally enjoy the look on my friends face when I teach them one of these tricks and having such trick work for them. These tricks are simple and cheap and are extremely easy to execute considering you can just do all of these at home.

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