Gemstones and The Beliefs Behind It


Since time immemorial, gemstones have been parts and parcel of life for everyone. These have held special meaning to people. Each of the gemstones has some lucky charms associated with the birth signs of people. Let us discuss each of them in detail and find out how are they lucky for us.

Agate – The Healing Crystal
This is a lucky stone for Gemini and Virgo birth signs. It is believed that this stone in addition to good luck has good healing capabilities. It destroys obstacles and the person wearing it is believed to have good luck escorted towards him/her.

If you want your dreams to come true then this stone is a lucky one to bring you good fortune. The dream is yours and is not a competition. Only you can follow this dream. So when you make up your mind and are ready to trod the untaken path again, be sure to arm yourself with all the essentials, one of which is the old knowledge that here takes the form of a supportive gemstone.

This precious stone is great for those born under Virgo birth sign. It has a wide variety of colors from Red, yellow and blue to pink, green and other hues. This stone promotes plenty of good luck and also rids you away of sleep disorders.

This stone is believed to have the charm to get rid of your worries. The gemstone aims to enhance what you do (action), making it quite worthy of your efforts.

This stone is for luck in your business. People do have luck in business whether they use gemstones or not. But it’s believed that these stones vibrate at certain intensities or energies which is why they are considered as stones for luck in business. The vibrations of these are considered to be linked to other vibrations of life. These other vibrations are luck, healing, understanding and so on. Wearing these gemstone jewellery enhances your chances especially based on your work effort.


Red Jasper
This gemstone is believed to eliminate fear. Even the boldest person needs this. Everyone has some kind of fear at some point in time. Even the actors and performers keep this stone with them at the time of their major performance. To get rid of fear is not an easy task and even you won’t believe this at first. It’s absolutely true that it’s not only the gemstone which will aid you in this endeavor, it’s your thoughts and willpower too which will help you in this. In a while, due to combined effect, you will see the results.

It’s a stone for good luck in marriage and Love. Sometimes as romance dulls the things because it becomes a routine gradually and gives rise to boredom. In that case, choosing a right source can aid you. A little personalized help through a gemstone like Emerald will go a long way in sparking ideas within your heart.


Professional career is the most important part of everyone’s life. Everybody wants their career to be built in the demanding field in the best possible way. To attract luck in your career, Garnet is believed to do it. Luck always helps in work and career. No doubt facts and logic contribute more, but luck can transform the scenario drastically.

We always expect more than what we are getting or have. So double up your luck in any given situation by wearing tourmaline gemstone. Luck is like money – the more the merrier. It is believed that this stone has the energy to increase certain life-attributes.


Also known as Merchant’s stone, it is believed to bring success in sales and raise profits in business. A person who adorns it gets self-assurance, confidence and prosperity. It also dispels negative vibes and energies and makes the aura positive around the wearer.

As seen above, Gemstones are not simply for adornment or not just used as jewelry, they have certain energies and vibrations associated with them which people have believed since ages and the results have also proved their beliefs to be true. We cannot deny the fact that these gemstones have some natural powers linked to them which makes these stones occupy a special place in our society.

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