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False ceiling as suggested by its name is the additional ceiling below the main architectural ceiling of a room. Since it is linked with the main architectural ceiling, it is also known as the suspended ceiling or drop ceiling. Originally it was used in professional areas like workplaces, but today false ceiling is also used in personal tasks.

A jali ceiling available by Jali Wholesalers is set up below an existing ceiling with the help of a structure, so they can improve the space aesthetically and add efficient benefits such as temperature control, installation of lights, and concealed wiring, to space.

You can get Jali Wholesalers can be done with various types of materials, such as, PVC, POP, gypsum plaster, and even timber, of which pop and gypsum board false ceilings are more common.

What is a pop ceiling?

A pop jail ceiling is a suspended ceiling created from Plaster of Paris, the acronym for which is POP. POP false ceilings are designed by pop jali manufacturer mainly from POP powdered, which is used on a chicken net that provides mechanical strength.

This needs one to mix the powdered with water on site and apply it on the chicken mesh, which is connected to a metal framing systems over the ceiling.

How to get amazing false ceiling done?

So what’s the best way to get false ceilings done at your home or your workplace? Well, there are many ways and to begin with, if you are planning to get interior designing done, then the pop jali manufacturer you are selecting with will be able to help you out with the false ceiling as well.

The process begins with a free study of the premises. Depending on the area and structure, your contractor should be able to point out you a few design options to choose from. If you have something in kind, you may prove to them the pictures; images etc and get a personalized quote based on your own false ceiling design.


POP is an extremely durable material. Since the same material is used for filling joints, it does not display breaks easily.

Unlike the gypsum board, plaster of Paris provides great versatility in designs and can be molded into different rounded forms. Also, POP is best suited for developing cornices or developing a personalized impact, as in this area.

It blends with water to form a combination that is easy to spread and level. Furthermore, POP has good bond features that make a smooth surface for paint colours to settle.

It is less expensive than the gypsum board.

POP jali ceilings are made of POP powdered. The POP powdered is used on poultry net that provides technical durability. The POP powdered is combined with standard water on-site and then used on the capacity that is connected to local steel developing system. Here there is lots of waste going on. This is then handled and dry. To develop a POP jali ceiling could take almost a month’s time.

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