9 Healthy Nutrition Tips for This Winter

Healthy Nutrition Tips for This Winter

Winter is slowly creeping its way back. Constantly having to switch back and forth between your warm home and freezing outside is increasing your chances of getting sick.

That is why you need to strengthen your immune system, and you can do that by eating all the nutrients your body needs. Here are our best healthy nutrition tips for this winter season.

1. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Even though you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables all throughout the year, you should especially do it during wintertime. That is because they will provide you with so many vitamins and minerals. They will boost your immune system and keep you from being sick.

2. Don’t Skip Out on Onions and Garlic

Vegetables that make you cry are amazing for you, especially during winter. Things like leeks, choices, onions, garlic are all amazing for you because they have an antibacterial and disinfectant effect on your body.

3. Vitamin D

As we all know, we get vitamin D from the sun. But since there is no sun during wintertime you can suffer a vitamin D deficiency which can cause quite a few problems down the road. To avoid that, eat foods like eggs, avocados, mushrooms and fish.

4. Eat Lots of Nuts

When there isn’t a lot of sunlight that means that your body is producing a lot of melatonin because it thinks it’s almost bedtime.

That is why during winter you are likely feeling more tired and unmotivated. But instead of drinking gallons of coffee to keep yourself energised, opt for snacking on nuts.

Nuts are filled with an amino acid tryptophan which is responsible for the making of serotonin. There are all kinds of nuts you can eat like cashews, hazelnuts and even sunflower seeds.

5. Go Online Grocery Shopping

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy winter, there is nothing harder for you than leaving your warm home to go to the store.

To stop you from just buying unhealthy things and just thawing things in your cart to get it over with, shop for important groceries like fruits, vegetables, or fresh meat online.

6. Have Fun with Spices

What people don’t really think about when they are cold is that they can warm up themselves by drinking or eating spicy foods. Spicy foods will warm up your organs and stimulate blood circulation as well as boost your metabolism.

Experiment with chilli, peppers, cinnamon and ginger. They will not only make you feel warm inside but it will also jazz your food up.

7. Avoid Comfort Eating

The cold weather always makes us crave comfort foods because we just want to cuddle up and have some snacks. But you have to resist the urge to snack on things between your meals.

If you are really hungry instead of snacking try eating a bowl of warm soup rather than eating cheesy garlic bread.

8. Stock Up on Honey

Honey isn’t just a delicious food it also has some amazing medical benefits. What it contains are the polyphenols which help you straighten your immune system.

It also has some amazing benefits like lowering your blood pressure, it can treat wounds and burns and if you mix it ginger and honey you can soothe your throat.

9. Snack on Dried Fruits

There is nothing better for snacking than dried fruit, especially during wintertime. That is because it will help you feel warm and not as hungry. If you want to go an extra step you can even make fun drinks with them like adding dates to warm milk. Figs and dates are really rich in iron and calcium and they both have a warming nature.

Having a clean healthy diet will help you maintain your immune system therefore you are lowering your chances of getting sick with a winter illness. Another thing why this is amazing is if you do end up becoming sick you will have a faster recovery if you are eating healthy.

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