5 Considerations When Hiring Maids in Dubai

Hiring Maids in Dubai

The thought of hiring maids in Dubai gives a sense of relief. This is because you’ll finally get to enjoy social activities or lie down and rest after a tiring day.

The duties of a housekeeper are limited to cleaning but may include multiple chores such as cooking, doing the dishes and laundry, babysitting, etc.

Still, ask yourself a few questions before hiring one. A few examples are provided underneath to take an informed right decision.

Do you need help for Hiring Maids in Dubai

Determine why you need a housekeeper and what you expect her to do, like is it simple cleaning or some additional tasks. If you just get rid of the clutter, hire a part-time cleaner instead of a full-time maid.

Contact a company providing maids in Dubai and discuss and put your requirement forward as per the service terms and conditions. Seasonal cleaning requires a little bit of hard work as there’s so much to sanitize.

Individual workers V/S cleaning companies

Cleaning companies often charge more than independent workers due to the inclusion of insurance, reference and tax charges.

They may provide you more than one individual depending on the nature of work, but it’s recommended that you do some homework. Meanwhile, a sole worker may ask for additional paperwork, but people are more content and comfortable with the service.

The employment laws

Employment laws differ in each country, so you should carefully read all the terms and policies before hiring maids in Dubai. Check whether she has a proper license and certification to work, evaluate previous work records, if possible, ask the people around you for affirmation.

Learn about the pay rate and applicable service tax. A company provides you with all the details before giving out the service, and if not, you have to ask for relevant details.

Deciding the fees

Now to determine the fee charged for the service. Negotiate the price for the maid may ask for extra dough as compared to the work assigned.

Decide whether you’re comfortable paying on an hourly basis or at month’s end. What if your place is small and the fee incurred is a matter of debate! Always settle on the rate before actually hiring to avoid disruptions.

Referrals & interviewing

There’s nothing better than asking a friend or neighbor to refer specific maids in Dubai. This way, you’ll get to know about the best service provider and even the rate.

Then, after careful search and thinking, go for the one who stands above all but be sure to arrange a preliminary interview.

The only way you get to know your cleaner is by having a personal interview with her. Ask several questions like previous work experience, pay rate, nature and amount of work to be done in a day. Also, analyze the character by referrals for any criminal history.


Mentioned above are a few facts to consider before hiring an individual maid or a complete cleaning company. Read carefully and decide sensibly!

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