How to Determine Your Skin Type

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In the human body, Skin is one of the most sensitive parts that need proper care and maintenance. These days, no matter it’s a man or woman, everyone wants to have flawless skin that looks beautiful and give them a confidence from inside. For that, there are numerous of skin care products manufacturers who claim to sell the best and natural products however the truth behind their lies is not hidden. Apart from that, it’s also difficult to differentiate between what to choose and how to choose as there are so many options in the related category. But, going step by step can help in eliminating the risk of buying the unsuitable product for your skin and here is how you can do it!

First, discover which type of skin you have: here is how you can do it

There are basically four types i.e. combination, dry, normal and sensitive skin which require different types of treatment.  Finding the right one might be a little bit hard if you don’t know what should be your first step. Here are the basic things that will help you to find your type of skin:

  • Feel your skin:

Combination skin usually gets oily in the areas like forehead, nose, and chin which are also known as T- zone. Apart from that your skin will look as well as feel completely dry. Whereas sensitive skin you will feel patchy and dry or even itchy skin now and then. However, in normal skin, your skin will be balanced between oily and dry. Talking about dry skin, your skin will feel completely dry and sometimes you can even get cracks.

  • Look at your Pores:

Pores are good indicators if you are having pores that are huge in size and often get clogged in your T- zone than it indicates that you have combination skin. If you have sensitive skin, the pores get larger but in normal skin, the pores are small and hard to notice. If you have dry skin then your pores will be small but feel tight.

  • Check how you feel after cleansing your skin:

Cleansing is also helpful in knowing about your skin type. The different skin has its own reaction like combination skin will get oily around nose however normal skin feel fresh and clean. But in oily skin, the greasy thing will return shortly after cleansing your skin.

  • Amount of moisturizer you need every day:

Also, know how much you need to moisturize your skin; the amount of moisture on the skin can help you in this case. Combination skin needs moisturizer around their dry skin such as cheeks.  But in dry skin, the requirement of moisture is throughout the day. However, sensitive skin requires correct balance as it can react with the skin.  For those who have oily skin, their skin is already oily and using moisture can turn the skin more oily that’s why they don’t require any kind of moisture.

Second, how to know if your skin product is allergic to your skin: here is how!

The skin care products manufacturers are offering products that can look natural on your skin without leaving any allergic infections. However, it should be great if you try on your own. For determining whether your skin is allergic to your skin product you can do the patch test, it’s very simple and here is how you can perform it at your home.

  • Behind the ear, the area is basically for knowing the allergic reaction. However, you need to find your skin where you can get the best results for irritation and acne breakouts. Apply your product there.
  • Make sure you do not cover a large area as the part of the test should be enough to treat quickly in case if it gets infected.
  • Leave your product for next 24 hours, and look for any kind of signs like redness, swelling, blistering, rash etc.
  • If you get no results that means the product is healthy for your skin. However, for sensitive skin, the reaction can be noticed after the short period. But it doesn’t mean that the reaction can even get noticed after the 24 hours.
  • Also, skin types differ the results. That’s why it’s important to test this for next 2 and 3 days before you start using your product completely.

Well, Patch test will let you know about your skin’s reaction toward your products which will help you to understand whether you are using the right product or not.

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