How Does The New Komatsu Europe safety-focused rigid dump truck

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dump trucks for sale

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When you hear the name Komatsu, you instantly think of humongous trucks pacing along the road like a scene from a dystopian Hollywood movie. This Japanese company which is lauded all over the world for its brilliance in vehicle and equipment manufacturing has now introduced a new rigid dump truck from its European division. Komatsu Europe has come up with a new 142-tonne rigid dump truck that promises to make leaps and bounds in the safety game.

The new rigid truck has been applauded for its incredible safety standards. Here’s how this new offering by Komatsu Europe has managed to wow critics with its attention to detail and safety.

1. Prepared for Emergencies

Smooth and even roads are only a reality that exists in movies. Out here in the real world, the roads are bumpy and the terrain is awfully uneven. To make sure that materials and the driver himself do not get tossed around, this rigid dump truck has hydropneumatic suspension. With McPherson front suspension and hydropneumatic suspension, you get to experience a smooth ride no matter how many speed bumps hit you. Furthermore, with its new secondary steering system, the truck has got your back in case of an emergency. If the hydraulic system of the primary steering system falls below a certain level or fails entirely, the secondary system will automatically be activated. The same rule applies to the second set of brake pedals that operates on its hydraulic system and will become instantly available if the primary set of brakes fail to work.

2. Efficient Monitoring System

One extremely important feature that makes this truck the number one choice in the world of dump trucks is the inclusion of the KomVision monitoring system. This new rigid dump truck comes fully equipped with six cameras along with eight radars. These cameras and radars map out a picture for operators to detect objects that come in close proximity to these trucks. This system ensures that the driver has no blind spots in his view and is always aware of the truck’s surroundings. In the case of an object being detected in the proximity of the truck, the operator would be alerted through the KomVision monitor.

3. Effective Speed Control

The number one cause of accidents caused by dump trucks centers around the inability to control speed. This new rigid dump truck eliminates that problem by including the Auto Retard Speed Control (ARSC). Now drivers do not have to worry about their truck derailing and going out of their control during a downhill drive. The ARSC allows you to set a constant downhill travel speed so your only focus can be n steering the vehicle instead of worrying about the speed. Furthermore, the special A-frame between each wheel due to the MacPherson strut type front suspension allows a wider space between the front wheels which in turn increases the turning angle of the wheels. This allows the truck to make larger turning angles, hence smaller turning radius which reduces the risks of accidents. In order to minimize skidding on slippery roads, the anti-lock brake system prevents the tires from locking when using the service brake and retarder.

In conclusion, this truck is a dream come true for people whose concern for safety was the only thing standing between them and their desire to purchase a dump truck. If you count yourself in this category, now you can find many dump trucks for sale online easily which promises to put your safety first.



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