Whoever is traveling to the Tadoba National Park for a jungle safari would like to see the Royal Bengal Tigers. You must be aware that the Tadoba National Park is known for a very high density of tigers and the Tiger Sighting Index is also pretty high in comparison to other wildlife sanctuaries in India.

As such, more and more wildlife aficionados from India and foreign lands are thronging the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Traveling to Tadoba for a jungle safari, exploring the pristine forests, and taking pictures of the amazing flora and fauna could prove to be an unmatched experience. However, tiger sightings are highly unpredictable and boil down to luck. Here are certain things you must do to boost your chances of tiger sightings.

Choose the Right Sanctuary
There are over 50 tiger reserves spread through the length and breadth of India. However, not all of them are great for safaris or best for visitors. You must learn how to identify the most tourist-friendly and an ideal destination for tiger sightings. You must consider visiting the Tadoba National Park as it boasts of a very high density of tigers and there have been numerous instances of tiger sightings. It has a well-organized and properly-designed safari system.

You could book rooms in one of the Tadoba National Park resorts. The trip to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve is best during the summer months. Moreover, Tadoba has a dozen safari gates. You must consult expert tour guides and tour authorities who could guide you to choose the right gate for boosting your tiger sighting opportunities.

Opt for the Right Season
You may visit the Tadoba National Park during the summer months for maximum tiger viewing chances. It is very hot and sultry from March to June but that is the most favorable time for tiger sightings. The forest is mostly dry with scanty grass growth so it would be easy to spot them as they cannot hide behind lush tall grasses during the monsoons or the winter months. Moreover, the water sources dry up, Tigers are compelled to come out of their comfort zones and go to various pools and tanks to quench their thirst. You could see them if you go to the strategic spots.

Weather seems to be much cooler and relatively pleasant during the period from October to February yet there have been several sightings during this time at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. But things could be slightly challenging as tigers are able to hide behind lush green grasses, and they do not venture out in search of water as most of the water spots they are used to frequenting are full of water.

Conclusion: Choosing a Specialist Tiger Tracker
You must necessarily seek the expert assistance and guidance from experienced naturalists and tiger trackers. Expert tiger trackers are able to notice and understand the pugmarks.

They could predict tiger sightings as they are able to successfully smell tigers if they are in the vicinity. Follow the tips and plan accordingly for a memorable tiger sighting experience.