How To Build Trust Between You and Your Horse

Trust is the key to friendship. Whether in human beings or in pets, it plays an important role in developing a mutual understanding and building a strong relationship with our loved ones. Just like a small child, pets too need our love and care, and for that we need to put in lots of hard work and spend quality time with them. It keeps them happy and increases their productivity as well.

When we have pets like horses, a strong bond is really needed because if they are not happy and satisfied with their master they may get frustrated and aggressive and end up hurting someone. A horse is known for its power, strength, resistance and ignorance. So it is really important that your friendship with your equine is strong in order to train it properly. Here we are sharing some base exercises that will help build trust between you and your steed –

Develop personal relationship

Love and trust can’t be obtained in just one time or doing. Sometimes small things are enough to make you feel valued and to win over hearts. Little care of animals like feeding them on time, bathing them regularly, giving them massages and making them feel safe and secured are crucial in building a bond.

For this you need to keep all the things ready and available that are required for better care of your equine like its nutrition, treat, horse clippers, hair and hoof guard, horse wormers, liniment and first aid accessories etc.

Be gentle

Some horses are afraid of humans so when you touch them on their head they may feel anxious and even try to hurt you but don’t respond to them in the same way. Be gentle at all times. This helps them overcome their fear and it teaches them to trust you while bringing you closer to them. When you approach a horse for the first time, try to avoid direct eye contact and stroke your hand on its back and let it sniff you.

Hang around with your horse

Friendship grows with time and if you want to scale up your closeness with your companion, then get him out of the stable and bring about a change in the atmosphere it stays in. Let it enjoy your company without going on a long ride and just by hanging around with you. This way it would be more familiar with you and learn to be in your company and follow your guidance as well.

Spend some time and talk to it

To forge a bond, give your horse your valuable time and let it feel comfortable in your presence. Other than grooming and riding, sometime just sit by its side and watch its movements, observe its behaviour and know its action and reaction to things around it. You will come to gauge and understand its demeanour eventually which is crucial in getting to know your equine friend well.

Talk to your steed and let him know how important it is in your life. Some people feel awkward to talk to an animal, but some horse owners genuinely feel that talking to their pet and sharing their thoughts with them help render trust in them and makes them feel more connected to you.

Appreciate its efforts

Appreciation makes everybody happy. When we do stuff and get appreciated for it, it boosts our energy levels and we feel proud and more active for the next task.

Every time when you train your horse for something and when it does it, appreciate him no matter what! The thing that matters is your steed put in efforts to do something you taught and that counts. So now it’s your turn to acknowledge this and encourage him. You can do so by giving it a healthy treat like his favourite food or something good for his health like celery, apple or carrot and a pat on its back!

Turn a blind eye on small mistakes

How would you feel if you were constantly nagged by someone for the smallest of mistakes?  Now imagine if you do this to a horse who is just beginning to learn and get comfortable around you. If you constantly nag your steed for small mistakes, it’s never going to be friendly with you and is always going to afraid and this is something you wouldn’t really want. So, take it easy and turn a blind eye on small mistakes. But don’t make a habit of it if your equine friend is constantly repeating the same mistake.

Your pet is not only an animal but your friend as well; you just need to help it understand that its company matters to you and with these tips you will surely establish a long and strong relationship with your horse.

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