Kids Beds: How To Choose the Best Childrens Beds

When you are parents, the crib is part of the investments not to neglect. Because it determines the layout of the rest of the room of your kid but also because its comfort strongly conditions its.

There is no age to spend baby in a big bed frames. Some advance the period of “18/24 months”, others evoke that of “2/3 years”, and the last speak even of “3/4 years”. One thing is sure, if your child is cramped or trying to climb the bars of his current bed, it’s time to change.

8 tips for choosing a Kids Beds

1) Ask yourself about your real needs

What kind of child bed do you need? If you have little space and your kid is not dizzy, a bunk bed, a combination bed or a loft bed is a good alternative. To optimize the storage of the room, you can also opt for a bed with drawers. A trundle bed, meanwhile, will allow your child to occasionally host a friend or a friend for a slumber party.

2) Finely study the height of the child’s bed

The height of the junior bed that you choose is important because it determines the autonomy of your child. If the bed frame is close to the ground, it can go up and down easily. If it does not, it may require your help. This is especially important if your child is still small.

3) Book high beds for children over 6 years old

Equipped with ladders sometimes difficult to access and often not very secure, beds in mezzanine or bunk beds are to be reserved for children over 6 years. In any case, make sure your child is comfortable in this type of bed before investing. Try it during the holidays or at a friend’s place, for example.

4) Bend over the length of the child’s bed

A child’s bed is usually 70 × 140 cm. This size is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old. Some brands offer beds of 70X160cm for extended life up to 7 or 8 years. If you think your child is ready for an adult bed, you can also go directly to a bed 90x200cm. Whenever possible, it is best to proceed step by step.

5) Buy the mattress separately

To make your life easier, many manufacturers sell the junior bed with box spring and mattress. Problem: the quality of the latter often leaves something to be desired. To ensure the comfort of your child, it is better to look for and buy a mattress separately. Choose a firm, hypoallergenic and anti-mite model. You will find in the trade mattresses adapted to the children.

6) Prefer a bed frame made of natural material

Some materials used for making bed frames such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) release harmful substances into the air (VOC). Inexpensive, they arouse more and more mistrust on the part of parents. Whenever possible, prefer solid, natural or oiled wood with ecological products, certainly more expensive but more respectful of the health of toddlers.

7) Choose the look of the bed with your child

The question of the look of the junior bed can seem secondary, does not prevent. It is better for your child to join if you want him to spend long nights there. Disney bed, loft bed, design bed, slide bed … take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each solution with him. You will find many beds for children here.

8) Set your budget

You’ll find cribs for all budgets. Some models are sold a few dozen AUS when others exceed 1000 AUS. Determine your budget before you start a search. You will save time.

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