How to Choose The Right Limestone Sealer?

Limestone sealers are extremely important when trying to get the best out of the natural stone. Sealing limestone with a good quality tile sealer will protect the limestone for many years. That is why you need to identify the best limestone sealer among the products available. The high-performance limestone sealers are designed to protect all limestone products from grease, oil water, and general dirt.

Choosing the right limestone sealer

Protective treatments are also used to in the intensifying color of the limestone. The form layers on the stone also add shine. The sealer helps seal it at least once before and after grouting. Limestone should be maintained with proper non-aggressive limestone sealer. This is done with proper matched protective sealants.

When choosing the right sealer understand that limestone is resined at the factory. Resining adds strength to the fragile stones which create a larger supply of natural stones. All stones are not created equal. The porous nature of each stone is different and depends on the absorbing of the liquid. The absorbing nature is important to be understood. Limestone is highly absorbent. Higher the absorption, the more difficult the sealing.

Next comes the finish of the limestone. This affects the absorption coefficient greatly. A polished limestone will be less absorbent than a limestone that is honed or flamed. Therefore, when choosing the limestone sealer, keep this in mind. After that, see where the limestone is located. Is the limestone part of your flooring? Is it part of the wall? Is it used as a countertop? Is it on the kitchen platform, lobby, bathroom or foyer? Understand the chances of liquid to be spilled on it. Identify if the limestone is subject to exposure to water or oil.

When dealing with limestone sealant for the foyer, you will need a water repellant limestone sealer. In case of a busy hotel lobby floor, a wax coating done on it won’t help. The wax may scruff too easily requiring costly maintenance. Lastly, find out if the maintenance currently done is sufficient and then based on that you can look at the degree of limestone sealer to be used.


When you look at any sealants, there needs to be consistency and reliability in the limestone sealer. Limestone is a natural stone and needs constant care and cleaning to maintain its luster and shine. Be smart and prudent when doing so.

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