How To Clean with Lemons: Kitchen Cleaning Hacks With Lemon

How To Clean with Lemons

Let’s know How To Clean with Lemons for all the accessories and gadgets used in the kitchen for cooking purposes.

Today there are many cleaners and chemicals that help us when cleaning the home, but the truth is that there are also natural products that act as potent cleaners.

Thus, cleaning with vinegar or baking soda are two good examples, as well as we can use lemon to remove dirt from countless surfaces. Therefore, in a How we explain in more detail how to clean with lemon.

How To Clean with Lemons

Let’s take a look at the below information. Here are 5 main gadgets or accessories of the kitchen, which you can clean with lemon. It’s possible to make it clean with the use of fresh and organic lemons.

So, no need to use any detergent or chemical contents to clean kitchen gadgets. Let’s start the reading about How To Clean with Lemons.

#1. Clean The Microwave with Lemon

The lemon acts as a powerful degreaser, so it will be very useful to remove dirt and grease from the interior of the microwave. This trick is very similar to the one that we explained in the article about how to clean with bicarbonate, another powerful natural cleaner, and it is so or more effective.

In this way, you must squeeze a lemon and dilute it in a glass of water; Then place the glass or vessel inside the microwave and start it for at least 1 minute at full power.

Once you stop the microwave, remove the glass carefully not to burn and you will see that the water with lemon will have moistened the walls of the microwave, then clean it with the help of a soft sponge or cloth and you will see how the dirt goes away easily.

#2. Wash clothes with lemon

Another one of the uses of the lemon in the cleaning is the washing of clothes since this fruit gets ends with stains and blander the clothes.

Thus, if you want to remove rust spots and other substances that stick to the clothes, you must pre-treat the garment by applying lemon to the stain in question.

In case you want to boost the white color of your clothes, you will have to put some lemon slices in the washing machine drum or hand wash and add them to the water. You can see more details on How to use lemon as laundry bleach.

#3. Clean Lemon Crystals

You can also use lemon juice to brighten crystals and keep them clean. Just squeeze it, add it to a bottle of water and apply it directly on the windows or mirrors.

Therefore, we recommend using a spray or aerosol that will surely be much more practical. In this other article, you will find more tricks to clean crystals with natural and very economic products that offer incredible results.

#4. Clean Wood with Lemon

Lemon is a very effective natural remedy for cleaning wood surfaces without damaging them. Also if you try mixing half a cup of lemon juice with one of olive oil you will help to nourish and preserve the wood in optimum conditions.

Apply it directly on the wood and rub it with the help of a soft cloth, you will see how the furniture will have a unique shine and will look new.

#5. Clean Taps with Lemon

Similarly, the lemon is used to clean taps and remove the remains of lime that causes water. This natural solution is very effective and does not spoil the faucet of your kitchen or bathroom as sometimes happens with chemical cleaners.

Just rub the lemon on the taps or use a cloth moistened with lemon juice; You will see the results instantly since the acid in this fruit will help dissolve the watermarks and dirt.

Check another article on how to clean with the best microfiber mop if you want more details.

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