How To Restore Fender Flares on a Jeep

Fender Flares on a Jeep

Your Jeep fender flares are a key component that protects your Jeep and other vehicles from flying mud, gravel or water. Because of this purpose, your flares are exposed to all kinds of mud, dirt and moisture.

Black fender flares can also fade with years of direct UV exposure. Find out how to use professional products to clean, coat and restore your Jeep flares before hitting the road again.

Clean Your Fender Flares

Your fenders may just need a simple washing down. Layers of dirt, dust and grime can create a brown look that isn’t attractive on any Jeep. Spray off your fender flares and use a specialized cleaning product to remove grime and seal your fender flares.

Don’t use your general auto cleaner or any wax products on your fender flares. These cleaners aren’t designed for use with plastic and can damage your flares with their more abrasive ingredients.

A mild soap and water solution should be all you need for routine cleaning. Consider other products specifically made for fenders to seal them and reduce the amount of washing and maintenance needed.

Even some spots that appear to be wear spots are actually just dirt and grime. Many fender flares that appear to be faded just need a good washing.

Start with this step before you consider replacing or painting these trim pieces on your Jeep. This will save you time, money and stress.

Recoating Fender Flares

Direct sunlight can really do a number of your fender flares. Worn-out fender flares is a common maintenance issue that reduces the value and style of your Jeep. Restore its like-new look by turning those dull, gray fender flares into shiny black trim pieces.

First, make sure the fenders are completely clean and dry. Unlike the paint on the body of your Jeep, the fender flares have a basic paint coat that you can easily reapply. Be sure to choose paint that’s designed for your specific Jeep. Many fender flares are simply painted black, while others are painted to match your vehicle’s exterior.

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper application. Some exterior paints recommend lightly sanding and priming fenders flares before applying. Fender flares may require two or three coats to fully restore their original look.

Some fender flares are beyond saving. Cracked or missing fender flares need to be replaced. Look for new flares and other Jeep parts online to keep your ride moving forward.

Don’t spend your time cleaning and painting damaged fender flares, since they may still not give you the restored look or safety you need. Swap them out for replacement fenders that match your existing look for a hassle-free repair project.

Restore Your Jeep

Take on demanding trails or thrilling highway rides with a fully restored Jeep. Shop for fender cleaning products, paint, Jeep winches and other accessories that help you make the most of your adventure.

Shop confidently at a leading online store to find the paint code, fender flare model number or cleaning product that turns this DIY project into a quick and easy task.

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