How Manufacturers Help in Selection of Control Transformers?

Control Transformers

If you are looking for a manufacturer who can provide you control transformers in India, you must wait until you clear out the concept of control transformer.

A control transformer or regulating transformer is applied to the area where the voltage electricity supply changes to accommodate the required voltage supply through the load. There are not only one but many types of control transformers which are manufactured to meet multiple applications. The range includes-

  1. Dry type transformers
  2. Ventilated transformers
  3. Non ventilated transformers
  4. Isolation transformer
  5. Single phase transformer
  6. Three phase transformer

You can request to manufacturer to provide you the best options for indoor and outdoor models. These models are meant to provide a stable secondary voltage at inrush currents, usually 5-15 times normal operating load current and are virtually single phase.

Some manufacturers use different names such as control power transformers, step down and power transformers, etc. Regular demand is pushing operators to ensure that a transformer is perfect at performance.

The operators know the fact that transformers are important machines used for extraction, compressing, pumping, or even just lighting a unit. Regardless of which model is picked up by the buyer, transformers should be able to deliver reliable performance in most efficient way.

Manufacturers help buyers in understanding critical factors that determine the selection of a transformer. Manufacturers of regulating transformers are sharing some questions they receive from the market buyers-

What will be the environment type for operating transformer?

Transformers are put in place in some of the most extreme and diverse conditions. The environment can have high heat, moisture, and salinity. There are plants placed near oceans in a corrosive environment (high temperature and saline moisture). Transformers intended for these conditions need stable paint applications to fight corrosion.

What operations will the transformer perform?

Transformers used in gas and oil industry are mainly designed for processing, liquefaction, and transportation. However, they are able to perform smaller operations like powering lights. The transformer type requirement relies on its application that range from basic power transformer to complex models.

What size is required?

The power transfer ratings and characteristics of every transformer determine by its load handling requirement. Some manufacturers provide custom models for industrial use. If you are in need of different size and rating model, tell the supplier to provide the same.

Is dry type model suit the requirement or liquid type?

Two varieties of transformers are available with subcategories at the facility. The liquid filled model is insulated and cooled with mineral oil. Dry type model uses air or gas in contrast. If you are looking for fire resistant model, choose dry type transformer because mineral oil is flammable and can catch fire.

Purchasing transformers is something that cannot be done overnight. It’s an important decision that involves numerous decision makers who inquire and discuss critical things about the deal.

If you need control transformers in India, get in touch with your local supplier first for better rate and discount.

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