Ideal Diet Plan for Summer and Workouts Tips To Lose Weight @ Home


The sun’s out, and it’s time to hit the beach. You’re all set to take off that tee. How do you want to look? Fine, I agree it’s a stupid question.

We all want to look great. And on occasions where we get to flaunt our bodies, we want to be at nothing but our best. With summer just around the corner, it may be too late for an ambitious workout plan. So, where do we go now?

Diet: The Saviour

For centuries, the diet has come to the rescue of those who could not drag themselves past their living room for a workout. And who cannot blame them for it?

It is convenient, relatively easy, and less time-consuming than most activities. And to make matters worse, it also comes with lesser pain. But diet, if implemented well, can do wonders for your body and accelerate your metabolism.

A good diet can set your system straight, make it more efficient, and cleanse the body from within.

Deficit is Good

The only thing where less is truly more in calories. You will only hear this from bodybuilders, ‘I’m just not taking in enough calories.

For those with a gut, it’s nothing short of blasphemy. If you want to lose fat, the basic ground rule is to cut off sources of high calories in your diet. If you listen to a person’s weight loss saga, this is the first step that they may have taken.

No matter how much you loathe mathematics, this is a place where you have to put two and two together. Whatever your calculations, you need to make sure that you are consuming lesser calories than you have been until recently.

This calorie deficit shouldn’t be so huge to give you cravings every few hours. Such a deficit only makes way for more pounds on you.

Many sophisticated applications are available these days to keep count of the number of calories that we consume in a day.

By using such applications, you can accurately determine your calorie requirement and accordingly create a plan for weight loss.

Power your Workouts

A diet should only be treated as a secondary line of fat treatment. It is important to do regular and intense workouts to shape up the perfect summer body.

Working out ensures that you burn calories from the fat storehouses of your body and eventually get in the right shape.

If cardio exercises are something you like, you should treat yourself to (if it can be called that) a serving of lean protein and quick sources of carbohydrates as it can act as the perfect fuel for your body. Foods like these give us the energy we need to help us sustain a high-intensity workout.

Protein-Rich Foods

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. They are essential for the growth of muscles. A deficiency of protein can result in poor muscle growth that can severely hamper the quality of our workout.

Whether you’re looking to have a heavy physique or a lean one like athletes, protein is your best friend. Consumption of protein-rich foods ensures that you do not feel hungry every few hours, which defeats the purpose of a weight loss plan.

Protein helps to build lean muscles, the kind that grows like steel on you. A body with skeletal muscles is known to be a lot more flexible and efficient.

There are many options for protein-packed foods such as turkey, chicken, white fish, tuna, eggs, red meat, dairy, etc. While adding proteins to the diet, one mustn’t forget that it too has calories.

If your choice of protein-packed foods has excess calories, you may have to cut back on other sources of calories.

Fresh and Seasonal

The key to perfect health is to consume fresh produce. We may have learned this in our school textbooks, but we sure have failed to implement it.

The amount of nutrients in our food drastically reduces when refrigerated or stored for a long time. Fresh food has enormous portions of important micronutrients that can make a huge difference to your health.

It is a good idea to include foods like berries, fresh fruits, vegetables, and other seasonal attractions in your diets to help you prep for summer.

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