The 4 Most Important Parts of a Moffett Forklift

Moffett Forklift

When you consider investing in a forklift, if you could list with one hand what the most essential components are, what could they possibly be? Keep in mind that every part of a lift truck is important, and plays a role some way or the other. However, which ones actually stand out? There are certain parts of a Moffett forklift that come unique designs to help maintain the equipment and prevent it from any form of malfunctions, which could lead to some serious accidents.

The truth is that just like any other machine or vehicle; forklifts also require the best care and maintenance. When your forklift develops a general wear and tear, you need to protect certain components and its tools at all costs. While all the aspects of a forklift are important, a few parts are more vital compared to the others.

Here are the most important parts of a forklift that need proper maintenance at all times, which should help to boost efficiency, safety, and productivity.

1. The Tires

Does your Moffett lift truck have cracked, bald, or overly worn out tires? If they do, then you are just inviting unexpected disasters. If you drive on tires that are not in good shape and need replacement, this will just make your forklift quite unstable. Without the right maintenance and care, you will be in the danger of slipping out, and this can affect the load that you decide to move. Most forklifts do not have a suspension, and your tires will act as a cushion between you and the ground.

The tires of the Moffett forklift have to be able to support as much as 10,000 pounds, so they must be up for the challenge. Along with tears, and cracks, you have to search for distress on the wear line. When the tires wear out past this line, it is time that you replace them. Some of the other signs that you have to replace the tires are if you find chunks falling off and more spots that are flat. An important part of your forklift, ensure that the tires are sturdy and strong.

2. Moffett Forks

When you buy a lift truck from dealers like those at Bobby Park, you will learn that the forks of a Moffett are the parts for which it actually got its name. These are two pieces, located at the forklift front, which extend outwards, near the tires to lift and carry loads. In this machinery, the forks play a crucial role when it comes to safe operation. Note that faulty or damaged forks, just like the tires can lead to disastrous consequences as you try to handle different loads. If you ignore their maintenance, you are at your own risk.

If the forks appear bent, damaged, or cracked, this will not only affect the ability of the forklift to handle loads, but also the operator’s safety and the nearby workers. Know that unstable loads, often due to forks malfunctioning could cause the loads to fall over, causing obstructions, crushing workers, and causing worksite damage.

3. Indicators for Warning

In a forklift, the lights, turn signals, and other parts are important. However, the warning parts of a lift truck are the most essential ones that help to prevent accidents, which is an important factor in the forklift training. Most warehouses keep themselves busy, with spaces bustling with sounds and activity. Without the right functioning warning indicators, the operators and the workers on foot will not have the right level of awareness that they need in order to prevent accidents and avoid each other.

Before you buy a forklift, you have to take your time to focus on pre-start inspections of forklifts, and the as an operator you have to check the indicators before each shift. If it needs replacement, check it up and replace it at once.

4. Controls in the Cabin

Note that controls malfunctioning may mean the difference between an OSHA investigation and a safe time on the job. The controls in the forklift cabin are the important features that allow the operators to control the machine, keep the forklift out of the way of harm, and divert a disastrous situation. If this part of a forklift isn’t functioning properly, or untrained workers and inexperienced operators control it, various hazardous situations may arise.

The driver operating the lift truck will not be able to avoid the hazards, and the nearby workers may be at risk if the operators are not able to control the truck and end up coming in contact. The controls in the cabin help to keep everyone around safe and remain the most vital parts of a forklift.

All parts of a forklift are important, but through the right training, you can learn about how to operate different types in a warehouse or site. You can learn how to avoid hazards, perform environmental inspections, and include checks of the fluid levels. Before any shift, make sure that you inspect the forklift to avoid any hazards.

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