Tips To Keep Your Voice Healthy for Call Center Agents

how to keep your voice healthy

When you work in a call center, training to keep your voice healthy is important to get the job done properly. After all, your voice is the medium you will use for 8 hours a day. So here are a few tips you can use to make sure that you keep it healthy all the time.

Pace Your Voice

Any repetitive motion of the body will result in injury; if no ample breaks are taken. This goes the same for your voice and vocal chords. Thus, you must always remember to take a break during a phone call, between phone calls, and when you’re not in the office.

During a phone call, you can rest your voice while the caller is speaking. This is the long break you need while doing the job properly. But there are also mini-breaks that are essential to you.

These are quite difficult to master at first, but it is absolutely important to your vocal health. To do this, you must revise your “phone script” to be more of a dialogue than a monologue.

This means that you have to break it down into multiple questions instead of one long paragraph with everything in it. With this technique, you let the caller speak more, which means more breaks for you.

Of course, he may give you short answers, but this is why it’s called a mini-break. Voice scientists say that many of these are more effective than less frequent but long breaks.

As for taking breaks between calls, a good rule of thumb is to rest your voice for 5 minutes every hour and during shift breaks. While it may be tempting to socialize with the friends you made during call center training, you should minimize that or even sneak it in during the other 55 minutes of work in an hour.

Also, if you could take another task after a call that doesn’t require talking, then do it. Lastly, in between work days, minimize the use of your voice whenever you can.

So don’t yell when watching sports, talk loudly at a noisy club, sing with the choir, etc.  You may have gotten used to using your voice all the time due to call center training, but it is important to know when to not use it.

Have Good Vocal Hygiene

As part of good call center training and habits, you must always keep your throat moist in order to free it from irritation. Doing so will prevent many injuries. So these are the things you must do to make sure it’s always moist.

  1. Drink at least 64oz of water – or any other non-caffeinated drink – in a day.
  2. Always have water near you.
  3. Don’t drink much coffee or alcohol; these dry the throat.
  4. Don’t clear your throat too much.
  5. Take precautions to avoid getting coughs.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. File for a leave if your throat is hoarse.
  8. Get the right treatment for throat related medical conditions such as:
    1. Acid reflux
    2. Postnasal drainage
    3. Allergies
    4. Asthma
    5. Endocrine conditions

Key Takeaway

While these merely touch the tip of the iceberg, these essential tips will greatly help you maintain a healthy voice. In no time, you will become a call answering machine.

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