A Simple Guide to Designing a Fun Quirky Kitchen!

Kitchen Design Ideas 2018

These days, we are all looking for something different and something quirky – whether it a cafe, a new dress or our interiors! So, why not bid goodbye to all the retro and black and white kitchen designs, and say hello to something new and quirky for the heart of your house? Read on to know more about this contemporary theme.

Now firstly, you need to question yourself whether you are at all ready for a quirky design or not? Do you generally like things that are out-of-the-box? Do you like off-beat showpieces, accents, and interiors when you visit someone’s house? If yes, then go ahead and plan your one! The best part is that you can use your creativity a lot; read new blogs and search online to come up with your ideas. And yes, be patient as this generally requires a little more time and effort than the usual brown and blah kitchens!

So, the first thing which I would ask you to do is get a set of beautiful and stunning White Kitchen Cabinet. They can be the mystic ones, the polar ones or the plain Jane white ones, depending on your choice. But when it comes to this theme, I would always go for white cabinets and not the brown ones. The solution to a dull and boring kitchen is anyway a set of new cabinets. And when you have chosen a scheme this unique, spending some amount of a new cabinet is necessary. The most impressive part is that since you will be going for not-so-straight lines and pop colors in the kitchen, this cabinet would help the overall look be balanced and thus, more appealing.

We all know how much the walls play an important role in every room. If you are going for quirky wallpapers, then go for the ones that will give you an illusion! Confusing geometric patterns are just amazing and would do justice to the theme. However, for something simpler, ask your kids to use their hands and create an accent wall with their hand prints in bright colors. For the rest of the walls, you can choose a subtle color as otherwise, it can be a little over the top!

Now take some practical considerations when it comes to lighting. Go for the globes suspending just above the dining table but for the task area, something such as the pendant lights is what I would favor!

A few colorful high stand chairs, with bright and printed cushions, would add that extra dose of glamour to your kitchen. You can get a little edgy with the door finishes and appliances as well. They are widely available online. For the countertop, consider using your old floorboards, or maybe a piece of antique furniture or polished cement! Just consider the practicality as there are no bound rules.

Color Schemes
You can create a rainbow palette when quirky is the theme. Or just pick two colors such as lime green and white, purple and white, etc. Use contrasting colors for the best effects.

Make the kitchen personal and get a few accent pieces if possible. Visit the flea markets and get interesting items such as jewel tones table linens, railway station wall clock, etc. Thank me later for these fab Kitchen Renovation ideas but first, try them out at your own kitchen!

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