16 Biggest Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes You Need to Know

Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes

When remodelling your kitchen there are numerous factors and details you need to keep in mind to make sure your kitchen is as practical as possible and turns out nice.

These are 16 common mistakes that people tend to make when remodelling a kitchen and how you can avoid them.

16 Biggest Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes

#1. Blocking thoroughfares

When you are designing your kitchen, you first need to think of the entire floor plan of the property you live on.

In some cases, the kitchen is a thoroughfare to other rooms in the house and that is why you need to prioritise easy access.

For instance, if your galley space is narrow, make sure to place your cabinetry in such a way that it won’t be impeding the passage in the room.

One of the best options you could go for is installing sliding pocket doors that recess into the wall. These won’t take up a lot of space and it will be easier for you to move around.

#2. Laying the wrong flooring

Kitchen seems to be the most busy and high-traffic area in the house. People are constantly walking through the kitchen and it’s almost never empty.

That is why you need to install the type of flooring that is tough and hard wearing. Having an anti-slip finish is also a great bonus.

Avoid using thin and cheap materials because they are not very durable. It’s a much better decision to invest a bit more money into this but make sure that the flooring lasts for a longer time.

#3. Forgetting a splashback

People tend to underestimate the importance of a high-quality kitchen splashback. These splashbacks are meant to protect your walls and deflect any mess you may make while cooking.

Many think that this feature is simply something they need. However, they soon realise that they could’ve saved a lot of money by protecting their walls on time.

#4. Not knocking through

Before you start your remodelling project, take a good look at your property’s layout. Consider the position of the kitchen in your house.

Is it flanked by a living room or by a small dining room that you barely use? If the second one is the case, then you can knock through the wall and create a large, open-space room that will look welcoming and very luxurious in your house.

However, make sure to get some professional advice before doing anything to avoid accidentally knocking down structural walls.

#5. Missing out the cooker hood

In case you decide to go for an open-space concept for your kitchen, don’t forget to include ventilation. It is a very important factor that can’t be neglected.

So, make sure to get the cooker hood that includes an extractor fan and prevent stale odours in your home. There are two types you can get: a ducted extractor and a ductless design.

#6. Neglecting your home’s character

Yes, rebuilding the kitchen is all about improving the practicality of the kitchen to make it more accessible and easier for use.

However, you surely also want to change the way your kitchen looks. You will most likely be introducing some changes to the design as well.

So, make sure that the design you go for fits well with the rest of the house’s character and theme. This is especially important for an open-space concept. You want to create a certain unity and design flow through the whole house.

#7. Insisting on a kitchen island

This is one of the most common features in all kitchens nowadays. Not only does a kitchen island look extra luxurious and fancy in big kitchens, but it also has a practical side to it.

It will help you move around the kitchen faster and easier as you are preparing your daily meals. However, if your kitchen is small don’t go for a kitchen island. It will only make your kitchen look even smaller and more cramped.

#8. Picking poor quality paint

When remodelling the kitchen, painting the walls can be the most exciting part. Don’t make a mistake by picking just any paint. You need to make sure that the paint you are using is high-quality.

This is something that will stick directly to the walls. You don’t want a poor quality paint to damage your walls. Plus, you want a colour that will last for a long time before you have to do a paint job again.

#9. Squeezing in a dining spot

If your kitchen is small, don’t make a mistake of trying to fit a full-sized dining spot at all costs. It will just end up blocking your way and your kitchen will be a mess when more people are in the kitchen at the same time.

What you can do instead is go for a more snug eating space and add some stools that can easily be put away under the tabletop when you are not using it.

#10. Cluttering up surfaces

When planning what the design of your worktops will be make sure to also think about what you will be placing on them. If you have tons of stuff to place on top of them, find a way to make the space less cluttered.

You can do that by adding hanging rails or even a few open shelves above the worktop. That way you will keep the surface as tidy as possible.

#11. Choosing the wrong window treatments

Yes, having many windows in any room can make the space bigger, but too many windows in the kitchen can create problems. Too much sunlight can be a problem when you live in an area with constantly high temperatures.

Plus, you may also want some privacy from your neighbours while cooking. If you have too many large windows, you can get adjustable roller blinds too.

#12. Not making room for rubbish

Don’t forget to include a disposal for rubbish in your kitchen. The best option you could go for is a built-in bin in your cabinetry.

It will keep away unpleasant smells from the rest of the kitchen and it will take up less space in your kitchen.

#13. Forgetting to check the water pipes

In the process of getting the kitchen remodelled people seem to forget to do some routine check-up on their water pipes in the kitchen. This is a huge mistake.

Firstly, you want to make sure your pipes are working properly and that there is nothing wrong with your kitchen tap water.

Plus, you definitely want to make sure there aren’t any damages and make sure to prevent the ones that may arise.

No matter where in Australia you live, getting a routine check-up from professionals like Canberra plumbers is of great importance for your kitchen.

#14. Departing from the triangle

If you poorly plan your kitchen workflow you can end up stuck with a very impractical kitchen that will make cooking a living hell.

To make sure you avoid this mess, you need to position your cooker, fridge and sink within your reach to make it easier to get everything done in one go.

Try to place these parts at no more than three feet apart from one another. The arrangement you put these in can greatly determine how practical your kitchen will be.

#15. Leaving the lighting to last

The lighting you choose for the kitchen is far more important than the lighting in any other room in your house. You need to make sure that the lighting is well-planned, long lasting and high-quality.

This is the space you will use to cook meals at least two or three times a day. You need to make sure that you have proper lighting to help you see what you are doing.

#16. Choosing furniture that doesn’t fit

Lastly, if you are going to put some additional furniture in the kitchen you need to carefully measure your space and pick the furniture accordingly.

Even if a certain piece of furniture fits, it does not mean that it’s a good choice for your kitchen. Even though it may just barely fit in the room, if it’s still too big for the space, it will make your kitchen feel small and cramped.


In conclusion, there are tons of small details as well as bigger factors that people forget to think about when remodelling their kitchen. These are some of the most important ones you should keep in mind when giving your kitchen a makeover.

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