Getting Luxurious Bathroom with Right Washbasin Design in No Time

You don’t use your bathroom just to get fresh or bath; it is one of the most relaxing areas of your home. You maintain proper hygiene in your bathroom because it is always required. Every bathroom requires a robust, durable, and functional washbasin.

Designer washbasin manufacturers make conceptual products for bathrooms and toilets. It includes bathroom accessories and fittings that gives these relaxing areas a fine look.

Due to overwhelming response from the customers, manufacturers are producing vast range of washbasin. This sometimes confuses the client and he goes blank during selection of the bathroom basics.

Here, leading experts from the market will talk about some of the different types of designer washbasins manufactured with a goal to give luxurious look to your bathroom-

The counter top

Getting the best counter top basin from your choice of dealer is not happening every time. Sometimes the product is not available and sometimes the design is not suitable. Many manufacturing companies are selling the counter top washbasins with a name of self-rimming basins or drop-ins. These products fit into several types of counter tops.

Most people choose the counter top model due to their self-rimming feature and easy installation. These products are ideal for those who wish to get a luxurious bathroom with less effort. You can find these washbasins in spas, hotels and resorts.

The Pedestal

Pedestal is the stand used as bathroom accessory by people. Wash basins with pedestals are either bought as a single unit or as detachable unit. Individuals that prefer getting a designer basin, may opt for the single unit model. This type of washbasin works best when modern themes and concepts are needed.

Pedestal washbasins consume less space. Their compact design makes them ideal choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms where space is limited. The sleek design of the pedestal washbasin creates an illusion of bigger space and offers appealing makeover.

The Wall Mount

Wall mount wash basin models are used to mounted on the bathroom wall using screws and fasteners. It is completely decided by the user where he wants to mount the basin. However, manufacturer or dealer tells lightweight options for wall mounted washbasin as heavy weight basin is not recommended for wall mounting.

Many people select these washbasins since these are available at cheaper rates as compared to the pedestal model. Wall mount washbasins are available at manufacturer’s facility in different designs and thematic concepts.

The Under counter

The under counter washbasins design are the top picks for those who want modern yet easy to maintain washbasins. What makes under counter washbasins maintenance free? There are no rims, so there is no space to store dirt and debris. You can clean this washbasin with an ease.

Semi-recessed basin

If the individual has limited bathroom space and he wants some vanity cabinets below the washbasin for storage, these semi-recessed washbasins are perfect options. This product frees up the floor space and keeps bench space free for cosmetics and skin care products.

Semi-recessed basins are similar to pedestal basin. These are ideal for homes with young kids and older ones with limited mobility.

All-in-one basin

All-in-one basins are moulded as part of the benchtop. Manufacturers design and create these basins using different materials like porcelain or acrylic. All-in-one basins are super easy to clean and maintain. These basins don’t have ridges or joins.

The streamlined design of all-in-one basins makes the product ideal for use for busy family bathrooms. Manufacturers usually make them in standard sizes, yet there are suppliers in the hardware market offering the custom options to their customers.

Selection tips for bathroom basin

In case you cannot decide which washbasin will be the best for your bathroom, here we got some useful tips to help you out–

  • Find the function à Find out which bathroom will require what type of use – if it is too busy, all-in-one basin can work for it.
  • Simple and sophisticated typeàThe under-counter type washbasins can be the best option if you want cleaner and streamlined bathroom looks.
  • Futuristic type àIf you wish to have a modern look for your bathroom, vessel type mounted atop the counter basins are ideal options.
  • Optimise the selection
  • Find your corner where you want to install the basin.
  • Use the same brand whenever possible.
  • Get professional assistance

Designer washbasin manufacturers are right there to assist you. If you are confused about the selection, they will help you out. You can even get more offers and best deals from your local vendor.

Eros Sanitary India is among top brands offering designer washbasin, tabletop basins, and water closets to their worldwide customers. The brand is known for its precise work-art and detailed product designing.

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