Main Benefits of Scissor Lifts in a Warehouse

Benefits of Scissor Lifts

Running a warehouse requires strategy, attention to detail and organizational abilities. For this, you also need to invest in proper equipment.

Forklifts, ladders and trolleys are the first equipment that comes to mind when listing warehouse inventory but scissor lifts can be just as useful and important.

They provide your employees with a way to safely work on great heights, thus allowing you a chance to fully utilize the vertical space within your warehouse.

4 Benefits of Scissor Lifts in a Warehouse

With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top four main benefits of scissor lifts in a warehouse.

#1. A stable working platform

The first major benefit of using a scissor lift in a warehouse lies in the fact that, unlike ladders, it is a much more stable working platform.

This platform is also highly mobile, which makes it superior to numerous other solutions. The key thing is that it can be set up in a matter of minutes and the worker can reach whatever they need from any shelf in question.

Keep in mind that it all comes down to the size and type of scissor lift that you pick. This is why knowing the needs of your warehouse is such an important issue.

#2. A cost-effective solution

The best thing about a scissor lift in a warehouse is the fact that you don’t actually have to buy one in order to use it. Instead, you can look for services like Universal Mobile Tower Hire and check if you can rent one.

The general rule is that if you use a tool 60% of the time or more, buying it is more cost-effective, however, minor warehouses don’t need scissor lifts all the time.

Most of the time, basic tools like a trolley, a forklift or even a ladder will do just fine. This type of specialized tool you may need only when you first set up the system. The option to hire is invaluable here.

#3. Easier to use

The ease of use for such a platform is another important issue. First of all, the use of ladders can be quite exhausting. Other than looking for or handling stored materials, the majority of the time, keeping balance on the ladders depends on one’s core strength.

With a scissor lift, the majority of this can be completely skipped. The weight is distributed evenly, which means that the platform is quite stable regardless of the working angle that you decide to use.

Also, if there’s something heavy up there, all you have to do is place it onto the platform and lower the lift.

#4. Safety and productivity

Previously, we’ve talked about the fact that this type of platform is simpler and easier to use. What this results in is much greater productivity and, overall, greater safety.

We’re not just talking about safety from falling or dropping something from the platform but also the fact that warehouse employees will get less fatigued while working.

Exhaustion in the workplace is a serious problem and it may cause numerous avoidable sick days. By providing your warehouse staff with adequate materials handling equipment, you will create a much less hostile work environment.

In conclusion

As you can see, a quality scissor lift can increase productivity, prevent injury and save the health of your employees in the long run. The solution is also cost-efficient and you always have an option to hire instead of buying.

Lastly, this method is mobile and versatile, which ensures that the equipment in question has an application in virtually every corner of your warehouse.

Every single one of these advantages is, on its own, a good enough reason to start considering getting a scissor lift.

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