Tips To Make Bedroom a Comfortable Place for Sleeping

Bedroom a Comfortable Place for Sleeping

If going to sleep is difficult on your part, it is perhaps time for you to create a comfortable and conducive bedroom environment for sleeping. For sure, you will no more worry about spending sleepless nights and waking up tired if you make your room a relaxing place.

According to a study, there are plenty of factors behind the difficulty of sleeping for some people, and your sleeping environment is one of them. Smelly sheets, lumpy and uncomfortable mattress and a messy bedroom make you stay up all night.

Thus, it is important that you make your bedroom the ultimate sleeping haven. You can take some cues of the tips below for this purpose.

Start By Replacing Your Old, Lumpy Mattress with a Cozy One

Yes, you can find the simple solution to your sleeping problem in the thing you sleep on: your mattress. Some mattresses hinder our sleep because it is just too hard or soft for a particular type of sleeper like you. It is why you should choose a mattress for your type.

There are different styles of mattresses you can find in many home center nowadays. For example, you can find foam, innerspring, water-filled, air-filled, and latex mattress. To tell yourself that this or that mattress is ideal for you, you must try it out by lying down on it at the store.

Clean the Clutter

A messy bedroom is one of the things that keep us up all night. Scientific studies and even feng shui point to the clutter in your bedroom why you have sleepless nights. Seeing mess and stuff in your sleeping environment can cause you to feel anxious and uneasiness which make you think too much at night.

Thus, before you go to your bed, it is essential that you clean and set aside the things that cause you discomfort. You must get storage to put on your stuff to avoid clutter in your sleep haven.

Turn Off the Bedroom Lights

Many studies found that too much light in your bedroom can hinder you from having a good night’s sleep. It happens because light thwarts the production of the hormone called melatonin which helps us sleep at night.

In our modern lifestyle where smartphones, computers, and TVs are our sleeping partners, it is not surprising that we have difficulty in sleeping. These modern gadgets and that overhead lighting, are to blame for our sleeping difficulty.

Thus, it is advisable that you take steps such as keeping yourself off from these gadgets before you go to sleep. It will also be a good idea to turn off or low down the lights in your bedroom.

Maintain a Cool Room Temperature

Another culprit why you always toss and turn in your bed is the hot temperature in your bedroom. In fact, a lot of sleep experts will advise you to maintain the temperature in your bedroom around 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next time you go to sleep at night, you must make sure that you adjust your aircon to this range of temperature. You can also open the windows or have a ceiling fan as an alternative. In this way, you can say goodbye to sweaty and sleepless nights and say hello to dreamland.

Relaxing Color Scheme as Part of Your Bedroom Design

How To Make Your Bed Comfortable
How To Make Your Bed Comfortable

As I mentioned earlier, light or brightness can cause a bit of trouble to your sleep. Aside from light, though, vibrant colors of the paint on your wall can also get you a bad sleep. It is because our mind cannot relax when you see those bright, full of life colors.

Instead of putting on a vivid color scheme, you can choose colors that put you at ease and sleep easily. For example, you can choose colors like dim gray, midnight blue, and muted pastels to make your bedroom environment calm and conducive to sleeping.

Keep Your Sleep Heaven Quiet

You must know that the brain still processes background noises even if you are already dozing. Sounds from the passing cars outside, the snores of your husband, and other uninvited noises can prevent and disturb your sleep.

For you to prevent hearing this kind of noises during your sleep, it is important that you have a white noise machine in your room. A white noise machine can dampen the background noises and help you in having a sound sleep.


It is important to have a good sleep for you to maintain your health and do the tasks necessary in your life. Not having a good night’s sleep will make you feel tired and stressed during the day. For you to do it, you need to make your sleeping environment conducive for dozing.

You can follow some of the tips mentioned above for this purpose. Alexandra White is a home improvement blogger and health enthusiast. She writes topics such as tips for bedroom design and the benefits of having a good sleep.

Alex looks for bedroom essentials in sites like Black Mango. When not writing, she loves to have a walk on a beach and go swimming.

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