Wide Variety Make up Solution For Youngsters

Make up Solution For Youngsters

Many youngsters try out makeup solutions only to find that the results are not what they expect. This problem arises because they are not aware of the right makeup techniques. Here is a look at some makeup application suggestions for young women which can be used to get the perfect makeup results that wonderfully enhances their natural looks:

Prevent Excessive Shine On The Face
Often you might have noticed photos of celebrities or executives in press conferences to show a lot of shine. This happens because the skin is producing too much oil and also because of perspiration. Most people try to solve the shine problem by applying a lot of powder to their face, but these results only in a lot of chalking. Instead of applying powder, it is better to use blotting paper to remove the oil or perspiration from the face.

It is also important to have a good base for makeup application as this will prevent the excess sweat or oil from arising. Before applying makeup, it is vital to use a moisturizer that reduces oil production in the skin. It is also good to try an astringent before applying makeup. A better alternative is using a primer because it gives a good base and prevents perspiration and oil from spoiling the makeup. Do not apply too much foundation and look for oil free make up products because they give a natural look to the face, while preventing shiny face problems.

Oil free make up products are available for blush, foundation, lip stick, eye shadow, eye liner etc.

Improve Your Face Powder
We have all heard of the phrase – ‘Powder Your Nose’. Applying the right face powder is the key to getting your make up right. It is most essential for creating the perfect look. It is used to hide blemishes in the face. It conceals any discoloration and open pores. Face powder absorbs oils and grease in the skin. It also helps to reduce unnecessary face shine. After makeup is completed, face powder is applied to set it.

Since face powders are so important in bringing about a beautiful look, it is essential to select the right type. Pressed powders are best when you want to conceal blemishes such as a splotchy skin or dark circles under the eyes. After completing the foundation application, using pressed face powders will help to set the foundation.

However, this kind of a powder is not apt for people with oily skin. Another type is the loose powder which smoothes out the skin, while adding color to it. It comes in a container and requires a good brush for proper application. It works well for normal and oily skin.

When you apply it, dust it well as otherwise it will float onto your clothes. Now the latest thing in face powders is mineral powder. It is popular because it offers long lasting coverage and it does not clog the skin pores. It has the ability to heal the skin and also reduce fine lines.


How To Make Your Lip Stick Last Long
It can be really tiring to apply lipstick again and again at various times of the day. You can enjoy wearing lipstick all day long, provided you know the right techniques to do this. The first step to getting lipstick that lasts long is removing dead skin from the lips using a simple exfoliating method.

Just mix some honey with sugar and scrub your lips with this mixture. After application, you will find your lips become really soft and subtle. The next step is to apply a thin coat of lip balm on the lips. This will moisturize it and prevent it from getting dry and cracked.

After this you can start with the lip liner .Use a liner that is of a slightly darker shade than the lipstick that you are using. Gently define the contours of your lips with the liner. After this, proceed to color your lips with the liner as this will make a foundation for the lipstick.


Now it is time to apply the lipstick
You can get the best results in lipstick application by using a lip brush to apply it instead of doing it right from the tube. Using a brush will help you get the color onto your lips and also make it stay longer. You should apply it in such a way that you can see a nice stained effect.

After this blot your lips a couple of times to press the color to the skin. After this, apply a second coat of lipstick. Following these steps will enable you to get the most out of your lipstick. It also enables the lipstick to stay for a long period.

Shape Your Eyebrow
Eyebrow enhances your facial appearance so when you have them perfectly shaped, your looks are instantly noticed. When the eyebrows are nicely shaped, they form a good frame over the eyes.

Start the eyebrow shaping process by first determining where the inner arch of the brow should begin, followed by where it should peak and how it should end. You can find out where the eyebrows should begin by drawing a line from the outer part of your nose’s ball to the inner brows.

The line from the tip of your nose, directly over the pupil is where your eyebrow arch should peak. The line from the outer nose to the corner of the eye determines where the eyebrow should end. Tweeze the hairs of your eyebrow based on these points, while following the natural curve of the brow. While shaping eyebrows it is vital to make use of the right tweezers because only then can you get perfect results.

If your eyebrow is thick at the start or middle, after which it fades out or if it is too thin make use of an eyebrow pencil to draw it. You can also make use of matte eye shadow to do the same.


Change Your Eye Liner Or Eye Pencil
Using the right eyeliner or eye pencil will add depth to your eyelashes and it will also bring out the beauty of your eye makeup. The best kinds of eye pencils to opt are the retractable ones as they are easier to use when you want to finely define your eyes.

Furthermore the brand that you select must offer ones that is not very creamy because this can cause a lot of smudging. After you use the eye pencil, apply some pressed powder or eye shadow to prevent smearing and to make it last for a longer time. However what is generally found is that pencil liners do not give a long lasting effect.

A better option is a high quality eye liner. The best type is the gel or cream eye liner which works fine with every type of skin. It is also suitable for humid climate. It won’t smear and will certainly last all day long. If you are very experienced in applying makeup or want to create a very precise line then opt for liquid eye liners. Ones which have a fine point or a felt tip bush will give you excellent results when used to draw an outline.


Highlight Eyelashes Without Mascara
No longer is expensive mascara the answer to making your eye lashes look beautiful. Now you can give a fabulous look to your eyelashes by enhancing it with just an eye liner. Apply dark brown or black eyeliner to the upper and lower rim of the eye.

This is the area that lies beneath the lashes and between them. Putting eyeliner here gives a thicker and fuller look to the lashes. You can also try applying some Vaseline on the lashes with a cotton swab. This will add a transparent layer to it and enhance its appearance.

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