Muay Thai training camp

We all know of the great importance that exercise has on how we feel, how we look, and even on how we act. But still many of us manage to somehow find an excuse and escape from the “arduous” task of working out. But little do we know that this is one of the worst things that we can do if we care at all about our health. So, one of the most important things that you have to do in life if you wish to be and remain healthy, is to work out.

Attaining fitness is simple. You will just need to know where to start. We recommend you to try with calisthenics – as this is one of the most basic ways of exercise, and the odds of getting injured are pretty low when you compare calisthenics with other methods of exercise, such as weightlifting for example. So, what are some simple exercises that you can do in order to get fit?

A classic calisthenics exercise is the good old pushup. This is a powerful exercise that works your pectoralis muscles, as well as your triceps. Your core will also have to do a lot of work in order to stabilize your body and help you in doing the exercise with proper form. So, you can immediately see that the pushup is a great way to train a big part of your body. You will see results after a few short weeks of doing this exercise on the regular.

The body weight squat is another important and powerful exercise in the calisthenics arsenal. It offers one of the best workouts for your legs. Your quads and hamstrings, your calf muscles, and even the little (but important) muscles of your feet will get a great workout if you do this exercise for reps.

Finally, we’ll recommend that you do the pull-up. This is the most difficult exercise of the three in this list – but it’s also very powerful in training various chains of muscles around your body. Specifically, the biceps and back muscles will get a great workout, and your core will also have to do some stabilization work. There are some easier variations of this exercise, such as the horizontal pull, or the band-assisted pullup – but we recommend you to have a goal towards reaching the full pullup mastery. This means no cheating – being able to lift yourself above the bar, starting from a dead hang, is a lot more difficult than lifting yourself from a non-dead hang. Also, don’t use any explosiveness, you should do this exercise with slow, controlled movement. The slower the movement is, the more difficult this exercise gets – and the more powerful.

If you wish to go ahead and lose weight for the weekend, then you can go to Thailand and enroll in a Muay Thai training camp. Even a few training sessions have the potential to help you lose weight – so there is really nothing to lose if you give this martial art a shot. And if you decide to train Muay Thai at for several months, then you will be a lot healthier and stronger than ever before in your life.