Why Multi Core Cables can be Used Every Where?

Multicore cables are cables which have cores more than expected. For example if a standard cable has to have 12 cores but it comes with 16, it is known as a multicore cable. These cables often combined with a single core cable and put to various uses. Due to the mass of different connectors, these are also called as snake cables. Some of the most common uses of multicore cables are as:

  • Security cables
  • Computer cables
  • Phone line cables

These cables found use in manufacturing of aircraft, medical equipment, and electrical appliances and in the entertainment industry for meeting the connection needs of theatres and stages.

Why use?
So the question is why go for multicore cables instead of single core cables? Because these;

Can be used anywhere
Multicore cables can be used almost at any place on earth. These come with a heavy jacket or layer which can provide protection from extreme levels of stress and electromagnetic interference.So these cables are highly compatible to both humid and dry environmental conditions.

Are hassles free
Imagine a theatrical venue covered with entangled wires to connect several speakers, lights and mikes. This use to be the scenario when multicore cables were not in use. In this kind of cables, the end is split to form a mass of different connectors and hence just one cable can cater to different needs; making the venue neat.

Are light weight
Though multicore cables come with a thick layer these are designed in such a way that the overall weight of the cable is less. So it is easy to move the cables from one place to another.

Are highly conductive
Multicore cables are great for passing high voltage current. Mostly made from copper, these multicore cables can be used for domestic and commercial purposes.

What are the types?
Due to the immense flexibility of multicore cables, these are available in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular kinds of multicore cables available in the market are-

Screened Cables
These multicore cables are coated with aluminum foils. These cables are highly conductive and easy to install. The spiral screens enhance the effectiveness of the screening.

Unscreened Cables
These are standard miniature cables which are used as interconnections between electrical appliances and instruments.

Flexible Multicore Cables
These cables are placed within the cable carriers where physical stress is extreme and need to work within a tight bending area.

Besides these types, the multicore cables can be classified as per the shield used-

  • Aluminized Polyester: Used for electrostatic shielding.
  • Single Braid: Used in cases of low level sensitivity.
  • Single Optimized Braid: Used as sensitive lines or high EMI.
  • Double Optimized Braid: These are used for highly sensitive lines or as severe EMIs.
  • Super Shielded: These cables are used for EMP/ Tempest.
  • Double Super Shielded: This kind of cables provides the highest levels of shielding.

So be it a control panel, portable device or a heavy machinery, multicore cables can be used anywhere.

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