5 Must-Know Things about Marble Countertops

Marble is rapidly becoming famous in all over the areas of your house. The reasons for its fame are that the finest quality if offers, making your place amazing. If you are undergoing the kitchen renovation process, you should know that the beautiful looking marble has some dirty secrets behind.

It’s not that bad that you should skip the idea of having them in your kitchen but they,not something you get as a surprise. Below are demonstrated some of the hidden truths about the marbles that nobody will tell you.

Marble being porous needs high-maintenance
Marble is vulnerable to staining agents such as wine, juice, and oil that seep deep into the rock. Once they are absorbed deep, it becomes nearly impossible to reverse the actions. Therefore, to protect your marble floor, professionals may apply sealing on the surface while installing to avoid the damages. However, the sealing process should be repeated again and again to keep up the marbles in their best state.

Prepare yourself for the surprised scratches
Prolonged exposure to an acid removes the polish and sealant from the marble. Improving your marble a process that results in a matte, less polished effect, might make scratches less noticeable, but won’t stop it from happening. Marble is weaker than other durable stones. For this reason, avoid leaning up against your marble island wearing a belt or long metal necklaces.

They are beautiful addition when you don’t mind doing extra work
Marble countertops are easy to clean. The gleaming surface looks polished and feminine alongside gold or brass accenting or monochromatic and modern when paired with chrome. The polished surface resists the stains and with a little maintenance you can keep up the surface like new for a long time.

Despite the type you buy, Marble stones are cost-effective
Marbles are available in the various price range and each marble cost is reasonable that you choose to remodel your house. Countertop Replacement Services in Richmond VA at also available at reasonable price. Carrara Marble is one of the least expensive natural countertop material available in the market and is readily available. However, the price goes high as the quality gets better. So, you have a wider platform to choose marble type for your countertops.

Marbles are heat resistant still you should be careful
Despite its ability to withstand the heat, marble stones need a little bit of protection. Being a good heat resistant, they prove to be the best option for the kitchens that frequently bake. Therefore, whenever you need to place a hot pan on the marble countertops, do not forget to place a pan holder beneath to avoid the direct heat contact.  A little care can increase the lifespan of your countertop, prevent it from discoloring.

With lots of benefits, marble countertops are becoming popular among the residents. You might not be familiar with the above-mentioned aspects of a marble countertop, but these are to be known for sure. Marble works best when perfectly installed so that your kitchen renovation process can succeed. Get it installed for once by a qualified professional contractor and stay easy. They will handle everything, and you can enjoy your marble countertops for a lifetime.

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