fashion trends 2017


For a long while, fashion has completely changed its literal meaning and the way it is perceived amongst all of us, means the modern day generation. For us, fashion is so much more than just a two or a three piece attire to cover our body based on the occasion. It is not just the way designers make attires that has created such a fuss in the fashion industry and has given its an unimaginable growth really, fashion today offers much more than just that.

If you go and talk to a designer, for them fashion is like carving out human feelings and expressions, connecting with the bodies they make dresses for and understanding them. This is why, fashion gurus and fashion experts have the knowledge of each and every move of our body, something that can surprise you. These people can suggest you steps, that will change the way you look and act and this comes from having a tremendous understanding of the human body.

Talking about the human body, what we are trying to say here is fashion has now a lot of closeness towards various human traits and this actually determines what kind of dress will be designed for what kind of body. Today, our blog post will talk about four traits of human beings that have the closest relationship with the modern day fashion of the world.

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Emotions and Feelings
When you talk about emotions and feelings, fashion makes the most sense. There has been countless times where each one of us dresses up to something in order to change our moods, or dress the way we do given the particular mood we are in.

For example, on a day when you are really sad, you usually end up wearing your routine in-house clothes, nothing extraordinary or on a day when you are making an effort and are working hard, you dress the best possible way. Fashion designers and brands play a lot on emotions and feelings of human beings, in order to create extraordinary appeal for their dressing or fashion icons.

Whenever you talk about feelings, fashion will always play the most critical role in it. You can look at someone and your feelings will change because of the way they dress. This is how strong emotions and feelings can get when it comes to fashion.

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Personality and Personal values
Personal values of individuals, including the cultural values still play a significant role and connect with the fashion of today. Designers have kept a real value proposition for cultural dresses or dresses meant to be for certain type of personalities like a president’s coat or an army officer’s suit.

Age and physique
Age and physique are other important human traits that fashion relates itself to strongly. You will see almost among all branding stores, there will be sections based on age and size of individuals.

Sexual Preferences
Finally, the new area that fashion designers are beginning to explore now is the sexual preferences of individuals. You will see a lot more custom made costumes based on sexual preferences.

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