Off Road Jeep Accessories For Safe Off Road Adventure

off road accessories for adventure

Outfitting a jeep for an exhilarating off road adventure requires attention, time and the choice of good accessories. If you attempt to go extremely off-road without equipping your jeep with the right accessories, your safety will be in danger.

There may not be many people off the beaten path and one mistake could cost your life, with help being quite far. That is why you must never skimp on the opportunity to outfit your jeep with the best accessories. Here, we will look at a few of the most important accessories:

Gear for self-recovery

When you get bogged down somewhere far from civilization, you can be sure that chances of finding a tow truck to get you out of your situation will be zero or close to zero. That is why you must equip your jeep with gear for self-recovery.

One of the things that you should not miss is a heavy-duty winch with a line pull. When stuck, you just need to toss the line around a tree and the jeep will pull itself out of the bog. Do not always trust that there will be big rocks or trees to secure the winch. So you need to carry your own anchor too.

Storage for your off-road gear

Jeeps are quite spartan in nature, because of what they do. They are stripped down to make them as light as possible for rough trail driving. However, this also means that you do not have space to carry your gear.

You need to have some onboard storage space where you can carry extra ropes, water, fuel, toolboxes, food, spare parts, extra clothing and first aid boxes.

You will also need to carry spare tires (more than one). You can get seat covers with secured pocket and then stash as much gear as you can into them.

Off-road Rims, Shock Kits, Wheels, Tires

You can never go off road with your jeep while it is on cruising rims. Such are only made for the paved roads, highways and gentler trails. If you are going extremely off road, you must get the best off road rims.

Many people have attempted serious off road activity without specific rims and ended up with bent and cracked rims. And the damage does not stop there. Damage rims also spread the damage to the suspension and the cost of repair just spirals out of control.

In addition to off road rims, you also want to bring extra shock kits like king coil overs. The beating that the jeep is going to take from the rough trails can be quite severe and it could render your shocks unusable.

Just expect this and carry a spare off road shock kit. If you do not get to use them on this trip, you can always use them another time, so no big deal. Chances are that you might though especially if you are going off-road for several days.

Get high quality jeep wheels because they will carry your jeep over rocks, water, thorns, logs and more obstacles that you may find on the trails. Only use off road tires unless you want your tires to blow up at the first contact with rocks.

Auxiliary lights

Even if you do not plan to drive in the night, have some auxiliary lights fitted up all the same. It is possible to get stuck from early evening to nighttime and then you would need all the lighting that you can get.

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