Why Oil and Gas Industries Rely on ATS Transformers The Most?

The oil and gas industries are two of the biggest industries in the world, especially in places which are enriched with oil. The resources from these industries are in-demand for the fuel and energy sectors which continues to grow. However, these both industries are widely dependent on ATS transformers manufacturers. How? ATS transformers or automatic transformers help industries to regulate electricity voltage and prevent fire accidents.

The need for electrical appliances in this sector

There is a high energy requirement in this industry to fulfill the demand of the people. This demand sometimes causes the companies to put effective electrical systems at the plants, which would be able to handle the energy requirements. This comes at a cost with their quickness in installing the systems without compromising with the safety and reliability.

Where electrical appliances are used and applied in oil and gas industry-

There are various places where the electrical appliances are needed in the oil and gas industries. These places include:-

  1. Alarm, surveillance equipment, and cameras require electricity. These are important for providing security to the company. Alarms can also be used if there is a leakage in the factory or the place where it is installed. It can tell the exact moment when it happened so that the damage caused by the leakage could be reduced.
  2. Products that provide power management, electrical distribution, motor control and circuit/power electronics product would be needed as motor starters and switches, switchbacks, explosion-proof variable frequency drives etc. These are important parts of the oil and gas industries.
  3. Sometimes it happens in the excavation for natural sources of oil and gas, the employees have to go very deep into the excavation area for the search. Sometimes in these cases, lighting issues might be there. Another case is if they have to return to that area or closer to that area. There is a lot of time companies spend while preparing for this excavation where in case if it is possible lightings is possible they install them. They need electricity to do all this.

How can ATS transformers help in these cases?

When this huge need for a large source of electricity in a particular industry was seen, ATS transformer manufacturers saw a whole business area where they could sell their products. Transformers provide a large amount of current and voltage and work similar to a generator so there is no need for separate appliances for each area where electricity is needed. The advantages ATS transformers have over other transformers are:-

  • They provide AC current at low voltage meaning the with respect to the requirement the current is provided by them. The reduced voltage gives it an advantage over other types of AC current providing transformers.
  • They are automatic meaning the control of the current and voltage value is not up to the user. This can be advantageous as one doesn’t need to change these values again and again.

These advantages, as well as the vast requirement of rich sources of electricity have initiated the demand of ATS transformers manufacturers across the world.

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