Outstanding Experiences in Luxurious Hotels around the World

The cut-throat competitive market comprised by the luxury hotels around the world has brought forward the need for hoteliers to up the ante. Rightfully so, top hotels across the world are consistently bringing-in new and innovative features and benefits to allure the luxury-loving guests.

It is no longer enough to provide a branded bar of chocolates in the hotel room or offering Frette robes down in the marble-tiled bathrooms. Today, one needs to hang a Picasso painting in the bedroom, serve diamonds on the platter, create champagne induced bubble baths, and so on. Herein, we have curated a list of outstanding experiences faced by some of the most luxurious hotels from around the world. As an example, one must take a look at the budget hotel booking Rajkot that would make your experience and time spent in the city all the more spectacular.

20 Hand Body Spa

Grand Wailea, one of the flagship hotels down in Hawaii, USA, is one of the most lavish places in the globe for a spa treatment. The treatment comprises a 20-hands body massage! Yes, you read that right.

This extraordinary treatment is only recommended for the ones experienced with spa treatments owing to the overwhelming stimulation it causes for having 20 hands massaging your body, simultaneously.

Under the Star Theatre

The Soneva Kiri hotel in Thailand offers a luxurious experience, unlike any other hotel. Here, you can watch classic movies under the bright and twinkling stars. The founders of the hotel. Sonu Shivdasani and Eva Malstrom, have a simple equation – to provide classical beauty coupled with elegance, with an unlikely immersive feeling with nature. Nothing truly compares to this open-air, in the jungle theatre experience.

Private Plane to Reach the Hotel

This is probably the height of exclusiveness that a hotel can reach. The Cheval Blanc Randheli in the Maldives has an exclusively designed stunning seaplane to migrate the guests. Before the eventual take off from the Male airport, there awaits a private lounge for the guest to relax and be re-energized. After boarding the plane, the experience only multiplies with the exclusive range of benefits and the incredible scenic voyage it offers.

Tree Dining

Soneva Kiri should truly be considered luxury in all right, as it features twice in this list. This time, it’s even more crazy. We all had a childhood fantasy to climb atop a tree and build our own little secret house. This Thai hotel takes this childhood imagination and turns it into a reality with its unique Treepod dining experience. Gaze into the heart of the mother nature and feel true bliss and tranquility in this over-the-top dining experience.

A year at Aman

Being the world’s most exclusive hotel brand, it is obvious that Aman offers truly exceptional experiences. However, why worry about the limited period of enjoying this experience? Ampersand Travels and Aman is offering the most outrageous yet the most stunning opportunity to make the Aman resorts your very own for the next one year. With business class flights, you herein have the opportunity to stay and experience true luxury at the Aman resorts from all the world. This would comprise approximately 11 nights at each and every Aman.

These were some of the most outstanding and outrageous experiences offered by hotels from all around the world. However, these premium experiences go beyond the term luxury as well owing to their unique one-of-a-kind out of the box features. Hotels in Rajkot are no exception due to their extraordinary range of features it offers. There are various luxurious hotel bookings in Rajkot available and you can choose from the same to feel true luxury.

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