Prevent Persistent Cough With Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

Coughing at regular intervals can hamper your work and sleep. Have you been coughing for more than three weeks? If yes, then you should not ignore the coughing problem. Constant coughing could be a serious health issue which needs to be addressed at once. Cough is generally perceived as a sign of an illness. At other times, coughing can be due to diseases occurred in stomach, lungs, nervous system and heart. As coughing makes you restless, you have tried out various cough tonics to get rid of the discomfort of a cough. Unfortunately, the tonics did not give you the desired result. Get hold of the recommended Torex cough syrup which is Ayurvedic and will make your cough stop instantly. Curious to know more about the syrup? Read through the next lines to know about the reasons of cough and how you can get shot of cough permanently with the help of the effective Ayurvedic cough syrup.

Types and duration of cough

How long does your cough last? It is essential to know the duration and type of cough you have before you get treatment from your health physician. Acute cough lasts up to three weeks. Whereas, chronic cough lasts for more than eight weeks. You get phlegm in dry cough and productive cough. Nocturnal cough occurs only at night. Hemoptysis is a type of cough where you find a trace of blood.

What makes you cough?

* Do your allergies trigger due to certain allergens? If you have allergies, then you are at a high risk of developing cough.

* If you had a history of lung infections or bronchiectasis, then the chances of having a bout of cough are high.

* People who are living in a polluted environment are more prone to coughs. Irritants exist in air always. When you inhale, the irritants get in your body; resulting in whooping cough.

* Are you a chain smoker? The toxins which are present in cigarettes give rise to chronic cough.

The best way to soothe the irritation of cough is to use Torex cough syrup with honey.

Order superior herbal medicine

Purchase a bottle of Torex syrup which is designed for patients who get bouts of cough. This syrup is 100% natural, as it is made up of various herbs including honey and tulsi. On consuming this cough syrup, you will get relieved from cough. Tulsi and honey will cure the inflammation in throat and allergies. If you are suffering from respiratory infection, then the Ayurvedic syrup will heal the respiratory disorders quickly. Log in to the reputed online healthcare store to buy the herbal syrup at a reasonable price.

Best for all age-group

Torex cough syrup can be taken by kids and adults. People who are affected with wet cough, chronic or acute bronchitis, dry cough, whooping cough and allergic rhinitis can be benefited from the highly used herbal syrup. Do not consume the syrup directly. The cough syrup should be taken with a glass of lukewarm water. Read the consumption process properly mentioned in the pack and consult your health care practitioner before consuming the Ayurvedic syrup.

Say goodbye to cough forever by having the power-packed herbal cough syrup of Torex.

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