5 Things to Look for The Right Construction Lawyer

The Right Construction Lawyer

Not many people are versed in construction, so they naively think that there isn’t much that can go wrong during the construction of their home.

However, such a significant investment entails substantial risk, so it’s better to have a construction lawyer by your side, just in case.

Choosing the right construction lawyers is an art in itself, but here are five things to consider.

5 Things For Right Construction Lawyer

#1. A simple search

The beginning of your quest for the proper construction lawyer is simple enough. All you have to do is pick up a phone book, ask around, or search for construction law firms online. You should be able to come up with a dozen or so lawyers in your area that specialize in construction law.

During the initial search stage, you don’t have to evaluate individual firms but rather collect the data about them in one place. The next step is to see if any of the companies have recommendations so that you can narrow the pool to two or three firms.

#2. What they have to offer

Exploring individual law firms start by visiting their website. It would help if you looked for a suitable location (near you or at least the same municipality), the firm’s portfolio, and reviews about them.

The portfolio should feature high-profile cases in construction law specifically. Local lawyers might be savvy in criminal law, but it’s not worth calling them unless they specialize in construction law.

The final step is to take a look at the reviews clients left on their website. If you have doubts about the info displayed there, Facebook and forum pages should reveal the truth about the firm’s case history.

#3. Contacting a construction lawyer

After you settle on a particular law firm, it’s time to call them and see what they have to offer you. This can be either a phone call or an e-mail; both are perfectly fine. If you decide to call them (which is the faster way), you will be asked about the legal situation of your build.

Only after the operator consults a team of building and construction lawyers can they tell offer you legal advice. The initial consultation is accessible in most cases, so you can call several law firms to get a quote. This way, you will have the experience of personal interaction with them before you make the final decision.

#4. Meeting the construction lawyer

Although e-mail or phone consultations are free, meeting the lawyers in person comes with a fee. This is offsetting for many people, as building and construction lawyers are often hired in the case of an emergency. However, it would help if you were perfectly calm when talking to the prospective lawyer for the first time.

#5. What can go wrong?

The reasons why you might be needing a construction lawyer vary significantly. For one, you could be facing a structural problem, such as a leaky rook after the building or the reconstruction of your house had been completed.

The lawyer can help you activate the contractor’s warranty so they repair shoddy brickwork before their business takes a legal hit. Who can do the same for a commercial structure, but in this case, your business reputation is on the line as well.

Apart from shoddy construction work, you might run into money issues, such as late payments. When a builder owes money to a subcontractor, this can quickly become your problem when the subcontractor decides to file a lawsuit.

Finally, a building and construction lawyer can help draft the perfect contract to list clear terms and obligations. This way, in case of a breach of contract, you would have legal protection if the case goes to court.

Now that you know precisely what a construction lawyer does, you can include them in your building plans. Use the five tips listed above to choose the very best construction lawyer out there.

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