How To Pick Out The Right Rooftop Tent For Your Jeep

tent for jeep

These days, some people are making good use of well-designed tents not only in beautifying jeeps but also in protecting their rooftops. As regards this, such people must have developed a strong liking for tree houses and canopies.

Perhaps, you’ve decided to fortify your jeep with an elegant rooftop tent but you’re clueless as to picking the best option out there. To help you out, this very article discusses some of the useful tips that will guide you on picking the right rooftop tent for your vehicle.

Figure out the Compatible Tent with Your Vehicle’s Rack
One of the huge mistakes you would want to avoid is having a rooftop tent that hardly fits your rack. In that case, you’ll have to go through your vehicle owner’s manual. Importantly, doing this will help you decide if your chosen tent is a perfect match for your jeep. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that certain racks are tagged as ”not compatible” and by taking this cautionary step, you can be sure you’re picking the suitable tent for your rack type. You can easily find the right rooftop tent for sale online.

Check out the Dynamic Weight Capacity of Your Vehicle and Roof Rack
After you must have breezed through the specs of your desired tent in search of the tent weight, you still need to ensure it’s compatible with that of your vehicle.

In buying a rooftop tent, one important thing is to pick a durable product while another is to consider the weight of the product in relation to what your vehicle can bear. While factory racks tend to have considerable load capacities, Thule and Yakima rack products still offer much better capacities. So, you readily have to know your rack brand to find out the likely tent weight your vehicle’s rack can bear.

If, unfortunately, you pick a tent with disproportionate weight, you may have to sustain headaches while driving. Essentially, you have to confirm that the weight of your chosen tent can be comfortably carried by both your roof rack and your vehicle.

Dynamic weight capacity is a spec you can confirm by glancing through your vehicle owner’s manual and your rack owner’s manual in case you purchased the rack and the vehicle separately. To avoid imperfections, check the dynamic weight capacity of your roof rack and that of your vehicle.

Look Out for the Best Tent Brand
Needless to say, some tent brands offer better and much more durable products than those of their counterparts. If you would be travelling to distant horizons characterized by extreme weather conditions, you might have to settle only for the most durable brand out there. Basically, majority of the rooftop tents you’ll find are very sturdy but if you desire the best of durability, endeavor to pick the ultra-rugged models. Tuff Stuff 4×4 is a great brand you might want to check out.

Test Before You Purchase
Having a rooftop tent is usually an exciting experience but at times, what pleases one person might not please another. Before you switch to the use of a rooftop tent, try to visit any of the stores that rent out rooftop tents to vehicle owners. While some people might consider this trivial, you can still try it out to ensure you don’t spend your bucks on what you hardly need.

Think about the Tents with Added Specs
If you’re really dying to have the best experience out of rooftop tents, you can choose the products which pack extra specs including awnings, all-mesh canopies, etc. Interestingly, you’d like to consider the idea of picking such tents provided you so much cherish your comfort level.

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