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There’s more to having a tile floor installed than just choosing the tile and slapping it into place. You need to ensure that the tile properly adheres to the subfloor, that you have the right kind of subfloor, and that the subfloor doesn’t have any issues that might prevent the tile from adhering properly – or even laying right. And these are just two examples. There are many additional reasons why you want to turn to floor tile installers when it’s time to have a new floor installed. Let’s go over them here.

Choosing the Tile
Before the work can begin, you need to choose your tile. For this process, you’ll want to sit down with an expert and go over everything in depth, including your overall plans for the room. If you’re thinking about doing any other upgrades in the space, this is the time to mention them so that everything can be planned out in advance. Then, you’ll sit down with the expert and pick your tile. He or she will be able to give you quotes on the spot, just by the specific type of tile that you choose. This is a great way to ensure that you stay within your budget.

Ask About Your Subfloor
You may not know what type of subfloor you have. This is particularly true if you’ve just purchased the house or you don’t know much about the home improvement process. Expert floor tile installers, on the other hand, have dealt with many different types of subfloors and know what to expect, based on the age and style of your home. You’ll want to ask the expert if you need to have something placed over the subfloor in order to facilitate the tiles, as this can make a difference in the price of the work.

They’ll Make Repairs
Not only will a tile expert make any repairs that need to be made to the subfloor, but they’ll do so with your particular tile in mind. This matters a great deal because the subfloors need to be even and not sloped, which can result in tiles that pop out at the corners. This would not only look unprofessional, but it will also make for a tripping hazard. Your subfloor also needs to be in good condition, and your joists must be able to support the floor. This is another thing that the expert will check.

They Offer a Guarantee
You always want to hire a floor installer who offers a guarantee. These are usually included in the contract and last for a set amount of time. If you wind up having issues with your floor within that time period – something that happens beyond normal wear and tear, of course – then the expert will come in and make any necessary repairs. Usually, the tile itself comes with a manufacturer warranty that is activated by the professional installation. It’s a nice thing to have, just in case something goes wrong.

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