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If you are like most of us you are already looking ahead eagerly towards your next vacation, either this coming fall or winter. Even while you relax at poolside or chomp on holiday barbecue, you might do well to start thinking about what you’ll need when you make your coming holiday season trip to your favorite Apple Vacation resort.

Making the vacation arrangements may be simple thanks to the services provided by Apple Vacations and the discounts available with a Groupon promo code or coupon. getting together the items you’ll need to look your best while hanging out at your favorite resort may take a little more thorough planning. One way to accomplish this is by preparing a list of your basic necessaries. Try doing this on a spreadsheet or on a memo form, and put each item down on your list.

I listed my wardrobe requirements numerically, beginning from shoes to socks, underwear, t-shirt, pants, shirt, belt, tie, suspenders, cufflinks, tie clasp, handkerchief, vest, sweater, jacket, overcoat, and hat. Then I put down a price for each item – usually basing it on the list price of the item from a favorite manufacturer. When completed I totaled the amount – and realized why my dad had always told me to start buying next year’s clothes a year in advance.

And my total didn’t include items like a dress suit, jeans, swimsuit, skiwear, or accessories like gloves, boots or scarf. Dad didn’t mean actually buying the items (I think!), but that setting aside money to get them should start at least a year before their actual purchase. At least that would give me enough to cover the credit bill I could expect after restocking my closet!

So I resorted to a different tactic, I borrowed money from myself. Instead of spending my usual amount each month on entertainment and food I deducted a portion of that and set it aside for future wardrobe buys. It wouldn’t cover the entire amount, but I could put it towards the purchase of major items. That way I’d at least look halfway in style at the clubs and events that would occur next season.

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