7 Reasons Why Sydney is a Perfect Romantic Getaway

Sydney - A Perfect Romantic Getaway

Sydney is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Whether you live there or plan on visiting Sydney, here is a list of romantic places you and your significant other should definitely visit.

#1. Time out at Echo Point Park

Sometimes, less is more. They say that for a reason. If you want to surprise your loved one with a small yet very romantic gesture in Sydney, take them to the Echo Point Park.

Located on Middle Harbour in Roseville, this park is one of the most romantic places in Sydney. Taking a walk in nature is one of the best ways to destress for both of you.

You can spend a nice warm evening together walking around and looking at the beautiful view of the marina from one of their couples benches.

Even though it is in close proximity to the city centre, this place will surprise you with its romantic sense of seclusion.

#2. The Rocks

If you happen to be visiting Sydney with your partner, you’ll see that date ideas can pretty much be found on every corner. The best place you could possibly visit is the Rocks, a network of characterful laneways beneath the Harbour Bridge.

This place will transport you back in time and make your experience with your significant other extra romantic and special. For the best experience, visit The Foodie Market on Friday between 9 am and 3 pm where you can try tons of delicious, locally-made street food together.

Then, you can take a laid-back walk around the place and explore the narrow alleyways of Sydney and go have some drinks in some of the oldest Sydney pubs, The Lord Nelson and Fortune of War.

These two are especially atmospheric. After that, you can join the free walking tour of the Rocks. It’s available at 6 pm. This simply sounds like a perfect day.

#3. Romantic walks

We all sometimes need a sweet escape from the city and its daily rush hours. Taking a romantic walk in a quiet and romantic place where you can talk is the best way to spend some quality time together.

If you live in Sydney, we know a perfect place where you can go for a romantic walk with your loved one. Federation Cliff Walk will take you from Watsons Bay to Dover Heights along 5km of clifftop paths.

The stunningly beautiful scenery will simply take your breath away. The views of the Tasman Sea stretch far into the horizon and you will get to enjoy some of the most beautiful sights of sunsets in the world.

Also, if you feel like your relationship deserves some alone time, go to the Six Foot Track. This epic 44km hike will allow you to spend some time in nature exploring the beauty of Sydney with your loved one.

You can also camp here beneath the stars if you feel a bit adventurous.

#4. Royal Botanic Gardens

This one is especially great for botany and nature lovers. If your partner loves flowers and nature you can either surprise them with arranged romantic flowers delivery in Sydney or take them to one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the world, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

This place has some of the best views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. You can enter the gardens through the Queen Elizabeth II Gate, get past the Government House and the magical paths and lawns will take you through The Rose Garden.

All of a sudden, you will be surrounded by thousands of white, pink, and red roses. This place is very popular as a wedding venue and it’s definitely worth visiting with your significant other.

You can also visit the Latitude 23 Glasshouse and Fernery. This steamy hot tropical paradise for orchids, cacti, and lovebirds is one of the most romantic spots in the city for nature lovers.

#5. Harbour cruises

If you want a special place in Sydney where you can celebrate your anniversary, you definitely need to check out some of the Harbour cruises in Sydney.

Harbour Dinner Cruise is one of the best ones you can go to. Both Circular Quay and Darling Harbour cruises will enable you to embark on one of the most romantic sails on the sea.

You will be provided with a three-course meal, fine wine, live music, and entertaining dancing on deck. You can enjoy a warm evening with a glass of wine in hand as you admire the view of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and city skyline.

You can also book a Sydney Sunset Dinner Cruise where you will be able to catch a beautiful sight just before the sun goes down.

#6. Sydney Opera House

This is simply a classic and should definitely be on your bucket list. Going to the Opera House in Sydney must be the most romantic way to show someone how much you love them.

Experience some of the best performances in the world by spending your evening in a theatre together enjoying some good music.  You can arrive early and you will get to enjoy the pre-show atmosphere at some of the world-class bars and restaurants in Sydney.

Try some refreshing drinks at the waterside Opera Bar and experiment with international dishes at the Opera Kitchen.

#7. Hot air ballooning

If you want to go on a romantic adventure together, sign up for hot air ballooning in Sydney. This is one of the best ways to explore the city; while flying above it. A 50-minute drive away from the city, you can find a check-in point for The Camden Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight.

You and your loved one can spend some romantic time floating across the Macarthur region landscape and enjoying the sunrise together. This hour-long flight will provide some delicious champagne and breakfast as well as transfer packages.


In conclusion, Sydney and its surroundings offer so many beautiful places for couples to visit. Whether you want to spend a quiet evening together or go exploring the city together, there is an option for everything.

Ranging from romantic dinners, Opera nights, and walks in nature, all the way to hot air ballooning, Sydney has it all.

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