The Hemp You Heard About Is Different From CBD Hemp

CBD Hemp

The rapid growth of CBD (cannabidiol) in the mainstream is no secret to a lot of people. However, there is a huge difference in the restrictions placed on marijuana and those on CBD. While most countries around the world place huge restrictions on the manufacturing and use of marijuana, only a few restrictions have been placed on CBD.

This implies that firms have relative freedom when it comes to producing CBD based products. Fraudulent firms can simply put a little quantity of CBD in a jar of oil and call it a “full-spectrum CBD oil” and get away with it.

This makes identifying genuine products challenging for a lot of CBD users. A lot of people have reported that CBD is not as effective as they hoped. These consumers are often victims of counterfeit CBD products.

Unfortunately, a lot of blogs post whatever news they receive without verification in the hope of producing attractive content. This results in an endless stream of CBD misinformation. Some of this misinformation is about the extraction of cannabidiol. While most blog claims that CBD is an “industrial hemp” extract, we need to tell you the facts.

Let’s start by admitting that there is an element of truth to that theory. However, it is impossible to extract the finest CBD hemp quality from the same plant that manufactures hemp seeds and fibers. Many people claim that industrial hemp has a million uses.

However, manufacturing full-spectrum CBD is not one of them. Check out to learn more. The properties and height of male industrial hemp plants are often needed to manufacture hemp fiber. These fibers must be extracted before the hemp plants grow weak as a result of being mature.

On the other hand, for hemp seeds to be manufactured, female industrialized hemp plants are often required. These hemp plants depend on the male species for pollination. The manufacturing of CBD then stops as a result of this pollination and plants become more viable for seed manufacturing. Hence, industrialized hemp plants can’t manufacture high quality or full-spectrum CBD oil.

Differentiating Marijuana and Hemp

A lot of people do not think about hemp whenever marijuana is mentioned. Most of the blogs online will go as far as informing you that marijuana and hemp are dissimilar plants. While this is partly true, it isn’t in relation to CBD oil manufacturing.

All plants in a marijuana farm are females. They are either cloned from other female plants or feminized seeds. Male seeds are often destroyed immediately. You should think about this whenever you are thinking about the hemp that is used in the manufacturing of full-spectrum CBD oil.

When these female plants mature, they produce full-bodied flower tops that smell and look like marijuana. These flower tops are left unfertilized as they are quite rich in CBD and 80 other cannabinoids.

These female unfertilized flower tops contain cannabinoids that have low-levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the reason CBD hemp is not psychoactive.

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