7 Tips To Come Up With Unforgettable Slogans

Slogans are a way for most brands to imprint themselves on the minds of their target audience. These have to be catchy, snappy and crisp, something that your customers will easily identify with and this in turn will give your branding a much needed boost. If you are you looking for tips to come up with unforgettable slogans for your brand then read on and take in the tips shared below…

#1. Keep it short and simple

You must be familiar with the slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Can you imagine if Las Vegas used a slogan that said “Whatever you will do when you are in Las Vegas, will stay in Las Vegas”. Sounds weird, right? This slogan would have never caught up with people as it is way too long and you’ve got to really wrack your brains to make sense out of it. So the tip here is, always limit your slogan to less than 10 words.

#2. Make it consistent with your products

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small business or a start up; maintaining consistency with your slogan will help you to reach out to your audience. Ensure that your slogan matches with your company’s name, logo and the image you are trying to project. For example, the slogan of Pro Carpet Care ‘Your Greener Cleaner’ matches with their environment-friendly branding. They also use a leaf logo to represent green intentions. They also use the colour green as part of their marketing and website design, showing that they are committed towards nature. So, the tip here is to make sure your slogan is consistent with your product.

#3. Make it stand out

Do you sell a product that is very similar to what your competition offers? If you do, find out your unique selling point and know the proper way to use it to your advantage. For example, take KitKat. In a world full of chocolates offered by a lot of companies, the chocolate engulfed wafer bar stands out with its slogan “Have a break, have a KitKat”. You literally have to break it to eat it. Do you see how their slogan goes hand in hand with their product?  This small distinction makes for a very strong USP so go find your strong selling point and bank on it.

#4. Make it ageless

Verizon, the telecom juggernaut, caught people’s attention with its slogan “Can you hear me now?” but they sure couldn’t keep it with them for a long time. With advancements in telecom technology, the cell reception became clearer and Verizon had to drop their slogan for good.

The point here is to make sure your slogan is ageless. If you are planning to go ahead with a slogan for your brand, think whether it will withstand the test of time or not. Also giving references to phrases or technology can become risky later on. So, come up with proper words and terms that won’t lose relevance over time.

#5. Ensure it leaves a mark

With slogans, brands are not only supposed to promote their own services or products, but also show that they believe in their customers. And one prime example of this is the French cosmetics brand L’Oréal. In 1973, L’Oréal created a storm by coming up with their slogan “Because you’re worth it”. Read the full story here.

It is important to note that, their slogan does not highlight their product or its advantages, but rather how it makes their customers feel. Every woman wants to feel wanted, desirable and worth it and this slogan not only helped L’Oréal push their brand but also gave its target audience, the women, a much-needed confidence boost.

So, make your customers feel empowered by what they can do with your product. When coming up with a slogan, think from a customer’s perspective as it will help your brand grow faster.

#6. Get suggestions

You don’t have to wait for inspiration or creativity to strike. If you are finding it difficult to come up with creative slogans, get suggestions from your customers. Engage with them on social media and ask them to come up with interesting slogans. You can hold a slogan contest on Twitter and ask your followers to tweet back with a designated hashtag that will help you keep track of entries. And after you got a handful of worthy slogans, use the poll feature from Facebook and get opinions from followers on which one they like the most… and Voila! You’ll have a brand new slogan to flaunt!

If you are a small business, you can come up with interesting slogans with the help of websites like Procato, Sloganizer or Slogan Generator.

You never know when inspiration will strike so always be ready to take note of those creative thoughts. Always keep a marker near the whiteboard or a printed pen handy to record that fleeting thought that might become your next slogan!

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