Top 6 Style Essentials for Fall Season

Style Essentials


When fall befalls your wardrobe, you’ll probably get in the state of utmost joy at the sight of your favourite, snugly over sized sweater.

We all like to think of fall as the time for oversized sweaters, urges and pumpkin spice lattes. But those are not essential when you want to dress up, go to work or on a fancy dinner with someone nice.

Keeping timeless pieces in your wardrobe is a smart choice, but if you want to keep your fall clothes in sync with the trends, then here are a few pieces to pay attention to.

Wrap coat
This trend is still going on. If you haven’t purchased this coat by now, you might as well do it, because it might end up a classic. If you want it to last you for a few seasons, find one with good composition, nothing with 100% artificial materials, and if you want it to keep you warm, look for a wool blend. Enjoy the elegant casualty of a wrap coat combined with sneakers or heels, and a dress or jeans.


Spice up your closet
If you’re down for some October-Fall-Pumpkin symbolism, give your contribution by incorporating a few of well-established fall colors into your outfit. Cinnamon, copper and bronze were maybe your makeup colors for the summer, but now it’s time to wear them! Brown, chocolate and burgundy are also irreplaceable shades of fall, and for the latest trend, include metallic, for example, by wearing some interesting accessories.

Caps and Beanies
Don’t put away your hats, they are still very in, but if you want to try something different this season, go with beanies. Knitted, soft and easy to wear, beanies are new hats. They will really keep your head warm, and they are so street-style chic, so maybe wear them with boots, shirts and a nice coat. If you want to take it a notch further, a black, baseball leather cap is the next best thing for ripped jeans and a leather jacket look. Want to be noticed and make an impression? Pick an embellished baseball cap.

This season; don’t go over the top with jewellery, Minimalistic, simple, thin necklaces with an elegant pendant or a single stone is more than enough. Get inspired with sophisticated bridal jewelry that you can pair nicely with your shirt, blazer or a dress. If you want something bolder, rather put two discreet pieces than one chunky necklace.


Black & White
You can go with black and white colors for your outfit; no one will ever question that. But this time, try black and white footwear. In particular – white sneakers and black ankle boots. Sneakers are super trendy, and since maxi cardigans and coats are in picture, wear them on a midi tight dress and with a coat when weather allows it. If you need more weather appropriate footwear, go with simple black leather ankle boots. These classic beauties will keep your feet dry and pretty looking.

As for the accessories compartment, let’s keep it simple and single out two. Sunglasses and wallets. If you’re confused, think again. You can still wear sunniest in fall; in fact, there’s been a lot of debate about that, because in fall months, the sun is positioned lower than in summer months and your eyes are more exposed to direct UV rays. Besides, sunglasses can protect your eyes against harsh winds, and there’s a coolness factor to them. As for wallets, a lady-like leather wallet in a fall color will complete your whole look.

Sometimes, it’s nice to treat yourself with a new wallet and if you haven’t in a long time, start the season with a new wallet. They say it will bring you luck.


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