5 Qualities that Define the Best Luggage to Bring Along

Best Luggage

A lot of people will agree that traveling to a place such as an exotic beach or a faraway camping site is an exciting and exhilarating experience. Once you get there, you’ll experience a lot of new things. Things that you probably didn’t know or aren’t the norm in the place where you’re from.

Being a complete stranger to an entirely new thing in a new place is perfectly reasonable for a tourist. The fact above is the reason why a tourist should always be prepared and proper when it comes to the things they’re bringing. However, packing the right stuff means that you also should have the right type of luggage you’re carrying.

When choosing the right luggage, you should always go for the one that’s right for your travel purpose. However, choosing luggage isn’t as easy as picking flowers in the garden. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best luggage when going on vacation.

Size and Weight Does Matter

Always consider the size and weight of the luggage you’re bringing on a trip. The weight and size depend on what you want. For example, if you’re going to travel light and chill, then don’t bring oversized luggage for all of your things. Pack small and Pack smart, as a massive load will likely keep you away from having fun.

Security is Critical

When bringing in luggage, make sure that it’s secure and safe from any would-be thief that would want to take your valuable stuff. If a bag with a lot of security issues doesn’t cut it out for you, you could bring in locks. Using padlocks seems to be the norm when traveling to remote areas as several locals would try to scam foreigners for money. One example of this is when several people try to put bullets inside the luggage of unsuspecting foreigners and extort them for money to avoid prosecution. Avoid this scam by making sure that your bag has safety features.

Mastering Mobility

Whether it’s 2 or 4 wheels, mobility is a must for wise travelers who are always on the go. Hand-carry luggage is also handy but imagine having it on your back while going down a five-story building without an elevator. You’ll begin to appreciate the comfort of travelling on wheels especially when you’re on the go. It will be much easier to gather your things and move on about. The wheels also allow you to carry more since you’ll be dragging it easily rather than carrying it on your back.


Carrying a lot of weight is very tiring, so it’s practical for a tourist to stow away luggage inside vehicle compartments. When this is the case, your luggage is subject to the mercy of natural forces. The fact above is the reason why your luggage should be durable. Luggage should also be waterproof. Traveling to remote areas may have you on rough roads or wetlands which can seriously harm fragile items inside your luggage. Durability means that all your valuables are intact and damage free.

Standing Out

Since you’re on an exciting trip, why not add to the festive mood and put color into your luggage? Go for something that compliments with your outfit. Usually, brightly colored luggage are refreshing sights to almost everyone who sees. Some might argue that bright colors such as green, red, yellow, and other colors aside from black might attract unwanted attention from thieves. However, this would work the other way around. Thieves prefer to target inconspicuous colors such as black, grey, silver, and white. There’s even a survey that these colors are the colors of cars which are frequently stolen.


Packing right and Packing Smart is the best thing that a wise tourist should always be aware of. A smart traveler should know the qualities of good luggage. Qualities such as durability, secure, and even style and color all matter in making an exciting trip all the more memorable. You can check out sites like Luggage Online to find the best luggage for your trip.

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