Tricks and Tips for Home Window Tinting

Many of you who heard about tinting window would have always thought about tinting a car window. But not only can the windows of car but all windows that have glass can be tinted in order to get a colored view and to reduce the light density coming directly from the sun. Home window tinting now has become quite common because nowadays most of the people are opting this option in order to get rid of harmful sun rays.

Below Are the Reasons Why You Should Get Home Window Tinting.

The Scorching Summer Heat:
The heat of summer is very dangerous and thus it is necessary for you to do something to save yourself from it.. A tinted window of your house reduces the heat and sun light by around 60% which means that using a home window tinting, you will be less prone to sunlight and heat. A dark film works much better than the light one but in winters it may works otherwise.

The Annoying Glare of the Sun:
It becomes quite irritating and annoying when the sun glares at you from the window. It not only disturbs you for the time but its UV rays also harm you for long run. A tinted glass thus reduces the danger of UV rays and also minimizes the glare to a limit that it just remains symbolic.

Privacy and Security:
A Transparent glass invites outsiders to view inside your room which may lead them to do inappropriate things. A tinted glass thus offers privacy where no person from outside can view what is happening inside the house. It is quite necessary for many of us which we take for granted.

Decoration and Beauty:
Tinted window films are coming in a more designed way making it look attractive and beautiful. Thus; using tinted film on your window glass will not only give you the above mentioned benefits but will also give a new look to your glass windows.

Saves Fading Away of Interiors:
Hot and scorching sun always harms the interiors of your house like mat, sofa, curtains and other such products. Keeping a tinted window thus reduces the chance of fading of your interiors keeping it long lasting.

Tips and Tricks of Tinting Home Window:

Here is the method of applying home window tinting on your window. The first step to a successful home window tinting is to ensure that the size of the film is similar to that of window. If in case, it is not then ensure that the other film that you will add looks the same and fits perfectly.

  • Just before the installation, clean your window using a cleaner so that no stain and dirt remains on the window. If dirt and stains remains there, it would look odd after the installation of the film.
  • The film should be few centimeters bigger than the glass.
  • Handle the film carefully as if it gets even one crease then it will become permanent and it would be useless.
  • You need to have the required tools like a knife to cut the film, a squeegee to remove air bubbles after installation, spray bottle, etc.
  • After you put the film on the glass ensure that no bubble forms in between the glass and film therefore use the squeegee to remove it.
  • Cut the extra tint film using the knife.
  • You can also use the liquid solution on the window before applying the film to avoid any mistake and later using squeegee you can remove the liquid.

The method is very simple but requires a great amount of patience and skill. If you are a newbie into this then you should definitely ask for expert’s help Click here.

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