Twist and Turn Your Bras According To Your Need

turn your bras

Women are too messed up with their inner. First of all, choosing the right size is a difficult one. Getting the exact cup shape and size means half the battle is won. But then, we need to maintain them properly. There are several shapes and styles of bras available now like racer backs, see through straps, zigzag straps, tubes and many others.

If you see women’s clothing online, you will get separate online sites which sell varieties of inners. But there are certain easy hacks by which you can turn one inner to different styles. Want to know how? Here are some clues.

Do not want to buy a racer back bra as you do not use them often? No problem at all. You can turn your regular bra into a racer back one very easily. Instead of buying a racer back bra, one can easily take a regular bra and tie the straps temporarily with a bra clip. Do not have a bra clip? Not a problem. A paper clip works perfectly also. So, to sport a racer back, you actually do not need one.

Do not wash your bras in a washing machine. If you wash them just like that, it may lose their exact shape and then when you wear it; it may not look good on you anymore. Put two plastic balls inside the cups before washing them. It keeps the shape intact.

To flaunt a low back dress, one often needs to wear a bra strap extension. This is because; if your bra straps show through the dress, it does not really look nice. If you do not have the special bra, then you can make it on your own. Cut a strip of elastic the same size as your rib cage. Then, take a bra hook extender (you can get one from any craft store) and cut and separate the hooks from the eyelets. Sew one on each side of the elastic, making sure they are reversed so you can hook them together like a normal bra clasp. Then, just hook the extender to one side of your bra clasp and wrap it around behind your back and around the front of your waist, cross it around and hook it onto your other bra strap.


Store your bras with both cups open. “Never invert one cup into the other,” says bra expert Linda Becker, owner of Linda’s lingerie stores in NYC and NJ. “Doing so destroys the fibers in the molding, makes the cups bumpy, and shortens the life of your bra. Use moleskin to fix an underwire bra that is poking you. You don’t have to buy a whole new bra if the underwire starts to come out. Grab some moleskin padding from any drug store and super glue it around the small hole in your bra.

If you are searching for women dresses online you also need to check whether you nave proper bras to wear with them.

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