Unique Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

When you are somewhat of a diva who wants to keep up with the changing style trends, the kit can be hard to organize the collection of jewerly you have. When kept improperly, it can lead to tangling and even breakage in certain cases. In order to avoid these issues, here are some quick ways to help you organize your jewelry.

1-Hang the jewelry from the curb chain:

For someone who is laden with a humongous collection of jewelry, the idea is to go with something that will save space while keeping things organized. Consider creating a display section for your jewelry by the wall of your home. You can also do this behind your room’s door.

In order to create a curb chain, you can screw in some hooks to thin wooden strips and use these hooks to hang your necklaces. You can also add a long, thick chain to create an awesome display for earrings.

2-Add Hooks to Driftwood:

If you are someone who loves to collect wooden items for DIY, you can makeshift the wooden pieces that have fallen from your garden tree and attach some hooks to it to create a beautiful hanger for your jewelry. If you are looking for ideas to segregate your crucifix crosses online, you can use this particular idea to organize them. 

3-Waste Pipe Stand:

Another great idea to organize your jewelry is to opt for the recycling of the old water pipes. These pipes, when sealed together, can help with the amazing organization of your jewelry. Plus, you can also add your crucifix crosses online purchased to this collection and keep them from breaking or getting tangled. 

4-Tree Branch Stand:

Another way to organize your jewelry is by opting for a tree branch stand. If you are surrounded by greenery all around, the quick way to organize your jewelry is right in your backyard. You can paint this tree brand in the color of your choice and hang the jewelries. 


With these ideas in place, you can easily organize your jewelry collection while saving a lot on the side. These DIY methods are easy to do and help make your look all the more beautiful. So, make sure you try these jewelry organizing methodologies today!

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