How Urine Albumin-Level Can Be Correctly Tested By Urine Microalbumin?

Urine Microalbumin

Urine microalbumin is a vital test for detecting kidney-malfunction.Kidney-malfunctioning should not be neglected at all otherwise your kidneys might get severely damaged.

Kidney discomfort can make you bother a lot if correct treatments are not chosen on time.Healthy-diets with lots of water will not help you if your kidneys have already got severely damaged.

Tissue-repair and cell-growth are usually promoted by albumin-protein. Damaged kidneys allow albumin to get within the urine leading to the occurrence of albuminuria. This condition can be detected accurately only by microalbumin-test.

Healthy kidneys will never allow albumin to spill within your urine. If albuminuria continues for long then your kidney condition will get deteriorated like anything.

Test objective

If you have been detected with any kidney issue then your doctor will recommend you for microalbumin-test. If early signs of kidney-malfunction can be detected then further damages can be easily prevented and this is the reason this test is recommended to patients suffering from kidney troubles.

Initial phases can be definitely cured with treatments but advanced stages are quite life-threatening. High blood-pressure and diabetes are the most prominent causes for kidney-damage. These conditions can be accurately detected only by means of this test.

Measure of urine-albumin can be gained with accuracy from this test. In most of the cases, serum creatinine test is conducted together with microalbumin examination for producing perfect reports about your kidney condition.

Creatinine increase causes kidney issue but during severe damage the level comes down and the albumin gets increased. Your kidney signs will decide that whether you are in need of microalbumin examination on a frequent note or not.

Extensive kidney-damage will lead to foamy urination and on the other hand swelling will be experienced on different parts like face, abdomen, feet and hands.

How to administer the test?

  • Random urine-test: This test can be conducted randomly at any point of time. Result accuracy can be improved when the test gets combined with creatinine-test. Sterile-cup is used for collecting sample of this urine-test.
  • 24-hour urine-test: urine-sample collection-container will be provided by your doctor and you have to store the same in your refrigerator. Urine through 24-hour needs to be collected within the container for getting the test done in lab.
  • Timed urine-test: First-morning urine sample needs to be collected for conducting this test procedure successfully.

How microalbumin reports can be understood?

Protein-leakage within urine is being measured in microalbumin examination. Following info will help you to under the kidney-condition well.

  • If protein is below 30mg then everything is normal.
  • If protein is in between 30-300 mg then microalbuminuria situation will occur. Early kidney-disease is basically indicated by this condition.
  • Above 300mg protein creates macroalbuminuria. This is an indication of advanced-level kidney-disease.

The reports of Ra factor test also reveal the protein amount. But in this case immunity proteins are tested instead than urine proteins. Your doctor can cater you best knowledge regarding which treatment option to go for. For slight kidney-damage, mild medicines are prescribed but for chronic cases high-dose medicines are recommended.

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