6 Outdoor surprise ideas to try for Valentine Celebration

Valentine’s Day is almost at our doors and it’s high time we make plan for Valentine’s Day. In majority parts of the world there will be so much cold, so your Valentine’s Day will get more romantic with beautiful snowfall. You can spend time outdoors with your partner and add memories for lifetime.

Indoor ideas are good too, but outdoor plans make the day more memorable and fun. You can go out enjoy beautiful views, walk hand in hand with your partner or even stroll across the city streets. Thus we are here with 6 outdoor surprise ideas through which you can express your love to your loved one.

You can go for a one day picnic with your lover and explore the city. You can take the snacks along with you and if possible go through road trip to make it more adventurous. If the city has nice parks, beaches or forests you will have a memorable Valentine’s Day picnic. You can stay up late and stargaze walking hand in hand with your beloved. Play couple games and spend quality time together. Catch up on each other if your life is going really busy. Order flowers for Valentine’s Day and express your feelings for her through these beauties.

Watch the sunset
You can go to the highest place in your city or even you can go to mountains or beaches taking two days off and spent beautiful time with your partner. It is so ecstatic to watch the sunset and it is romantic too. Let the nature unfold its beauty and you lay watching it in each other’s arms. You will get an amazing feeling being with your soul mate and watching this priceless beauty. This is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you and your partner are both nature admirers.

Hiking Date
Take an adventurous trip which will give you adrenaline rush like hiking. Hiking is so thrilling and it will turn romantic when you go hiking with love of your life. There will be number of mountains and hiking places available in and around your state, so pack your bags and go hiking. It is best to be with Mother Nature and spend the most important day of your life. Mother Nature will too shower you with gifts of unnatural scenic beauties you would be awestruck to. If you get lucky you will also find breathtaking views of waterfall.

Pitch a tent
You can invite your couple friends and go for a camping trip. You can go to mountains or forests and pitch a tent at a safer place. Light a bonfire and cook meals at this unknown place and create beautiful memories. You can cuddle up together in the sleeping bags and cover yourself with loads of blankets. You can spend the night playing games, singing, dancing and have the time of your life. You can also enjoy stargazing and watch sunset being on the lap of Mother Nature. She has a lot to offer than you can ever imagine. Send valentine’s gifts to your loved ones and convey Valentine’s wishes.

Try an Outdoor activity
This is the time to explore the unvisited places and make the most of this day being with your soul mate. You can go skiing as every place a snow rink to enjoy this sport. You can also go out and play with snow or make snowman as little things gives you the most joy. If you are nature’s enthusiast you can try some photography skills and capture nature’s beauty at its best. You will be able to get some quality time together and it will add to your life moments. These moments will be the part of your fondest memories.

Valentine’s Day Adventures
Book plane tickets to other part of the world, if your place is too cold and you can hardly plan anything. You can explore the new place and make love. Choose a country which is warmer than your place so that you can enjoy and make the most of this day. Or you can just go on an adventurous road trip. Experience adventurous sports like bungee jumping, sky diving, paragliding, hot air balloon something which you have never experienced to create lifetime memories.

We hope these Romantic Valentine’s Day outdoor celebration ideas gives you the best of memories and make this love bond between you two even stronger.

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