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Wallpapers are the current trend in interior designing with their lively patterns and textures intriguing the modern urban population. They give character and depth to any room that is otherwise just a collection of four walls and ordinarily bland.

If you want to add a distinctive style and a sense of creativity to your abode, wallpapers are a must have!The choice of wallpapers for any room may be a difficult task as the market offers an enormous variety of colours, designs and materials. Before you spend money on new wallpapers, it will be highly beneficial to gather information on some of the popular wallpaper types in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the most-popular wallpaper materials.

Lining Paper
This type of wallpaper is a base layer applied on walls to smoothen out the wall in preparation for wallpapering with decorative wallpaper. This is an important step to get an excellent flat finish on the walls by covering imperfections on the surface of the wall. A thin variety of lining paper can be used to mask any hairline cracks in the wall while a thicker variety of lining paper can be used to cover more noticeable imperfections in the wall.

Lining paper is also used to hide a strong coloured paint or wallpaper previously applied on the walls before a new layer of wallpaper is applied. Lining paper is not decorative and does not have any print on it. Often when decorative wallpaper is directly applied to a bare wall, the wallpaper might peel off after drying. Thanks to lining paper, your wallpapers will stay in place and have improved durability.

Also every layer of wallpaper applied on the walls creates an extra layer of insulation due to the trapped air in between the lining paper and the wall and successively between the lining paper and the decorative wallpaper. This will keep your establishment cool in summers and warm in winters, providing excellent insulation.

Vinyl Wallpaper
This is a widely used type of wallpaper, available in a vast range of colours and patterns. It consists of a paper base layer and a plastic or vinyl upper coating, making this resistant to mechanical stress and hence long-lasting. This variety of wallpaper is washable, light-resistant, relatively cheap, high in strength and extremely durable which makes them the ideal candidate for rooms filled with moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.


Vinyl Wallpapers are generally very easy to install and easy to remove. These wallpapers give a fresh and stylish look to the interiors, easily transforming any living area into a sophisticated space. Most manufacturers guarantee a long life of at least 10 years for vinyl wallpapers.

Flock wallpaper
This wallpaper is associated with elegance and luxury living, having a velvet-like texture with a three-dimensional effect and is printed on paper backing. Flock wallpaper is obtained from the flocking process where fibres ranging from polyester to nylon are applied to an adhesive coated surface. The fibres are kept very short and tightly compact to help deliver that velvet effect.


Flock wallpapers usually have ornamental decorative designs, making a grand statement. The room for application of flock wallpapers must be chosen wisely since this type of wallpaper is not washable. Flock wallpapers are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms and are avoided in places prone to water or steam as that will destroy the flocking. This wallpaper should be mounted by an expert as installation of this wallpaper is tricky.

Foil/Metallic Wallpapers
These wallpapers are one of the most exciting and dramatic range of wallpapers, adding that touch of sparkle and luxury to your dwelling. They are made from thin metallic foil, in colours like gold, silver and copper, and they could be plain or patterned. Textured finishes are also possible, giving the material a vivid appearance, which looks good on almost any surface.


However, foil wallpapers are somewhat difficult to hang successfully and requires expert craftsmanship. The foil is extremely thin, tears easily, and it magnifies even the smallest defect on the wall underneath. Great care is taken when handling this wallpaper. Any old wallpaper should be completely removed and the wall should be made completely flat.Foil wallpapers may be scrubbed lightly.

Washable / Mylar Wallpapers
These wallpapers are coated with a thin polyester or plastic film covering the patterns or colour printed over a paper backing. This makes them easily washable, allowing them to be regularly wiped with a wet sponge or damp cloth, making them stain and water resistant. These wallpapers have a shiny appearance similar to vinyl wallpapers or foil wallpapers.


Mylar wallpaper is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms which are exposed to steam and water. Extra care needs to be taken while installing Mylar paper. Walls must be fairly smooth and in good condition and a liner wallpaper is highly recommended before pasting the Mylar Wallpaper. Mylar wallpapers have to be pasted carefully as they are susceptible to creasing. This type of wallpaper is easy to remove.

This was a short brief description of some of the prevalent wallpaper types and their applications. At 100 Krafts, we have a distinguished team of wallpaper experts who will guide you through your selection process and help you make the best choices for your establishment, be it a home or an office. Talk to us!

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