Ways to Reduce Total Expense on Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most significant life events in everyone’s life. Everybody dreams of a grand wedding worth remembering. It is the ritual in every cast and religion which ties two persons in an unbreakable bond. Marriage correlates not only two people but also two families.

In the excitement of arranging this grand marriage, you often go beyond your ability to make this dream come true. In the rat race of life, we often forget to curtail some of the unnecessary things of marriage.

Types of Expenses in Wedding

Marriage is the ritual that takes place only once in a lifetime. People try to make it as grand as possible for this one-time thing. The parents go beyond their means to fulfill this dream event.

Relatives and friends are invited to be a part of the marriage. Broken bonds and envies melt into pure love and unities. Marriage comes with huge expenses. Some of them are listed below:

Grand Rituals

Marriage comes with many rituals before the main event. Applying pasted turmeric to both the bride and groom. Parents try to consult and heir the best professionals in the field of such rituals. People try not to compromise in any way in case of marriage.

Though the dowry system is illegal in India, the groom’s side still demands a certain amount of money or expensive things to the bride’s family. The parents also end up giving dowry in fear of cancellation of the marriage.


Indian marriages are famous for a large number of invitees. It is part of the wedding to invite all relatives, friends and even those who do not also try to keep any contact the whole year. People invest a considerable amount of money in the food. Renting houses or apartments during the marriage for the invitees to stay includes the right amount too.


People tend to make the event look as beautiful as possible. The marriage houses and halls are decorated beautifully in the best way possible. The right amount is invested in the decorations, which include lights and flowers. A considerable amount goes after the musicians. It is an Indian tradition to play music during the marriage. The sound systems are pretty expensive.


It is an essential part of every Indian marriage. The bride and groom wear costly traditional dresses and jewelry. They are the main attraction of the marriage. Making the bride look the prettiest is one of the main motives of the party.

Ways to Reduce Expenses

  • The invitees should include only the near and dear ones.
  • The decorations should be kept more straightforward.
  • Women’s marriage clothes on rent in India is available these days.
  • There is no need to make every ritual grand.
  • The Dowry system should not be entertained.

Though marriage is an integral part of every men and women’s life, extravagance should be avoided. It is better to invest money for the bride’s future product rather than showing off relatives.

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