What is exactly restoration of marble?

Marble restoration can be explained as the art of restoring the dull, worn and the scratched tiles to their original condition. Marble, being expensive and luxurious nature, restoration should be always from a professional and knowledgeable professional.

A professional restoration company takes a whole lot of care while undergoing the restoration of the marble floors starting from polishing till mending up the cracks.

Why is it important to maintain marble surfaces?
Marble starts wearing off as soon as we start walking on it with our shoes on. The small sand particles from your shoes develop multiple surface scratches on the marble. Secondly, the next problematic issue is the wear and tear which is explained as marble etching. It is the reaction of the citrus material with the calcium carbonate element of the marble. It is not the actual stain but it can be referred as to a sort of scratch which leads to dulling more than discoloration. Both these issues can be removed from the process of diamond abrasives and the honing process through marble floor polishing.

Marble restoration technique deals with three important techniques:

Cleaning the stains:
The first step deals with the cleaning of dirt and stains using a mop soaked with warm water. Easy stains and stuff will be removed from this primary cleaning process. Harsh stains from coffee or wine are harder to remove. In that case, a paste made of baking soda and water does miracles. Apply the paste to the stains and let it dry for few hours. Nearly after twenty-four hours, remove the paste and mop it out to get the desired results.

Polishing the marble:
The second step to marble restorations is the marble polishing. Some of the polishing can be done from applying the paste over the area whereas some of the polishing uses diamond marble polisher where heavy polish is required. The polishers basically remove the top layer which is filled up with scratches and cracks. They act as a sandpaper and help the marble to look shiny and new post marble floor polishing.

Sealing the marble:
Sealing protects the floors from contaminants that cause strains. The sealer has a life of approximately two years or so depending upon the usage of the marble tiles. Proper selection of sealers is necessary else it will lead to discoloration. It is advised to always consult an expert and choose only the recommended products available for better results.

Although marble floor restoration is an important aspect of marble maintenance, it is highly recommended to undergo regular cleaning and marble floor polishing. Priority should be made to immediately clean the surface if any contaminants fall on the floor. Apart from that product such as salt, vinegar or lemon juice should never be used as a cleaning agent else it will damage and corrode the stone.

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