Whether to Western or Ethnic-that is the Question

European Clothing

With inflow of dresses from all over the world, into the Indian market, the number of options of the types of clothes that we wear, increases every other day. One such type of clothing that has taken the Indian market by storm are dresses. There are plenty of dresses that are available these days and more and more women are opting for them as well.

Most of the fashion brands have already launched their own collection of dresses and hence shopping for European Clothing for Women is not at all a problem anymore since you will find them almost anywhere and everywhere. Every dress has its Indian counterpart as well. While western dresses are taking the market by storm, ethnic dresses are in no way lagging behind!

There are plenty of ethnic dresses in the market these days too from where you can take your pick! If you are stuck in confusion as to what kind of dress you should go for- ethnic or western, here are some tips that will definitely help you:

For starters, what kind of look do you want for yourself- ask yourself that. If you want to keep it light and formal, then it is always best to for peplum dresses with suave colours that are typical of western dresses. In fact when it comes to any formal occasion, like say an office meeting or a presentation, then western dresses are the perfect choice. However if you want to keep it calm and casual then you can go for ethnic dresses. These dresses are mostly fun with abstract and tribal prints which are perfect for any informal occasion, though they are not exactly the perfect choice when it comes to formal gatherings.

The next thing that you will have to decide is what kind of prints are you looking for. For example if you want solid and bold colours or single coloured dresses, then western dresses are the ones that you should go for. But when it comes to prints, prints and more prints then there is no better option than ethnic dresses! Prints are the trademark of ethnic dresses. From tribal prints to prints of other colour motifs there are a lot of more option in case of ethnic dresses when it comes to prints. If you are of small floral prints, go for western clothing.

Whether you will Buy European Fashion Dresses Online or go for ethnic dresses also depends on the cut of the dress that you are looking for. Ethnic dresses are generally flowing and abstract, although you will get ethnic prints in western designs. The number of cuts and variety available are more in case of western dresses.

From peplums to A lines to midis to minis, you get every cut possible when it comes to western dresses. So if you are interested in more cuts than prints then western dresses are the one for you.

The trick to hit the right balance is to mix and match. You should wear both types depending on your body type, to get it right!

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